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  1. will the GMA 950 mac mini graphics be enough (bootcamp or not)?
  2. Yeah its ok..ish but rather naive... the notion of a global command economy that succeeds where the soviet union failed is based on the notion that bar code tracking system is of a maturity that supply and demand and importantly equitable distribution can be more accurately modeled than current market actors who apply market competitiveness. The sections on city and urban design are almost comical like something out of Logans run. Part of human existence resides in organic unplanned growth and living in some bubble city is unlikely to be adopted. there is a fair amount of technorapture stuff
  3. I dont see the point of it if any old grunt cant fly it. cos your really just got a heavy but light lift helicopter that drives around with a overtrained expensive specialist driver? if it isn't a ubiquitous capability then there is no operational advantage. yeah its cool for the patrol that has one a multi tasking Bradley MICV is not cool in mobile warfare because there are only a few of them?
  4. most of the german helicopters used were unpowered towed autogyros for u boat use and the like
  5. I didn't know Israel had nuclear subs.... shows how I'm out of the loop
  6. where does the other 20% come from? this "busted: is a contradiction in terms
  7. 1930's US prostitute slang apparently.. which I doubt would be something the marine corp would not pick up on.
  8. i think you may be onto something here but where it leads is disturbing
  9. you could claim the RoE worked and saved lives in the long run as the surge did suppress insurgent activity....OTOH the fact the RoE have manifested themselves in this video plastered over the interwebs undermines the future those guys were supposedly killed for when is the end effect? if we argue end justified the means ..which is the defense in this case then what is that end?
  10. weird thinking recovering alive insurgent could be one reason i guess but the impression the guys give is thy want to kill them
  11. what this guy said they saw what they wanted to see interested to know if it has been established whether the armed guys were insurgents or hired guards?
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