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  1. MK Sheppard Brilliant seeing Zuf's Combat Mission x1 Scenario Pack uploaded on your site ... Thank you! I'm very happy
  2. It would be so good if we can ever find a copy of Denhost's CMBO pack ... There's still a lot of love for these games ... I'm still playing anyway! Take care and hope one day we will find something! Andy
  3. Hey Erwin, Thank you, I really appreciate your answer. I couldnt find a scenario pact at scenario-depot just individual ones what I'm reaslly looking for is a pack ... and the Denhost one if at all possible. but no worries if it does not exist any more. Once again Thank you! Andy
  4. Hi Everyone, I think this is my first post in all the years Ive been playing CM! I was looking for a link to "Denhost CMBO Scenarios Collection" and i cant find it anywhere. I know that support for CMBO is very limited now but I still love it! It's simplicity and AI make me always come back for more. But, a lost removable hard drive in a family move has meant I have lost all my scenarios ... I wondered if anyone had a link or could point me in a helpful direction. There used to be a link here at Battlefront.com but in the move (it too) has gone - or i cant find it. Thank you very much in advance. Andy
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