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  1. Hi All, Last night I was trying to set-up a QB. I wanted to play an allied attack against the AI, but I want to have exactly 2000pts to spend for the attacker. I tried playing around with +/- bonuses but I couldn't match 2000pts for the allied attacking forces. Is there a combination of settings that will achieve this total? Thanks, Jeremy
  2. Get CMBB. Nuff said!!! PS. I just drunk four pints o' guinness so me spelling and finking is a bit buggered.... Friday lunch time an' all that... Jeremy
  3. I really like AT guns, and as I always seem to end up playing Axis in QBs, I end up using them quite a lot ('cause you don't get many points for armour). I like the Pak40, that baby can kill just about anything at even longer ranges. BUT My guns can't bloody well hit a barn door for trying. In a recent battle I had a veteran Pak40 duel with a T34 at a range of 840m. It fired 8 rounds before the first hit! What gives? (PS. it got simultaneously knocked out by the T34). This gun it supposed to have long optics for pity's sake. Jeremy
  4. Damn it!!! Why didn't someone warn me about the dangers before I got involved.... It took me 1.5 hours to get to SLEEP last night after the latest turn in my current PBEM game. A new feature for CM2 = Health Warnings !!! Regards, Jeremy
  5. Just a quick question... In a recent battle in damp conditions, I had a halftrack bog!!! After a couple of turns the staus changed to immobile. Does immobile mean that the halftrack can no longer move (thrown track etc..) for the rest of the battle? Can the crew ever get the vehicle moving again? Thx, Jeremy
  6. I really like reading AARs.... BUT Lots of screen shots make all the difference. If I'm faced with just lots of text to wade through I can find it very difficult to visualise the battle. But a well formatted, and graphical ARR can make a great read. I have started writing AARs for every PBEM game I play, it helps my thinking processes during the battle and creates a more intimate feeling for each individual unit that I'm in command of. It does take quite a bit of effort to do properly though. Jeremy [ February 21, 2003, 10:27 AM: Message edited by: JeremyCupit ]
  7. I satisfy all the requirements, as I live in London.... BUT, if I commit to any more PBEM the divorce will shortly follow... there ain't no way the wife will put up with another chunk of my life missing to CM.... :eek: Guess who's wearing the trousers... :cool: Jeremy [ February 17, 2003, 07:50 AM: Message edited by: JeremyCupit ]
  8. Here is my take having bought CMBB a few weeks ago. If you are looking for more "fun" then I would sick with CMBO, not because CMBB is in any way less fun to play than CMBO - it just isn't any more fun. They are both fantastic games. I would say that CMBB is actually less forgiving of my mistakes then CMBO. CMBB "feels" much more like a simulation, and has a more realistic feel overall than CMBO (hard to put my finger on this feeling). I was like you and not really all that interested in the eastern front, but after doing some reading and playing CMBB, I am really into the flavour of
  9. Thanks for the help so far. <sarcasm> Glad to see these features are really well documented.... </sarcasm> Jeremy
  10. Chaps, Being an old time CMBO player, but new to CMBB, I have just loaded up CMBB for the first time and I've got a few questions. Mainly about things I've seen in a QB. Here goes:- 1. In CMBB, are AFVs always in C&C, as was the case in CMBO? 2. The German "Radio Car" type unit. Are these just another type of vehicle or do they have any special purpose within CMBB? 3. Using the LOS tool on a light building, the tool reports "Light Building**" what do the two asterisks stand for? 4.When picking units at the start of a QB the rarity modifers (e.g. +30%, +125%) listed against the va
  11. Murph, yep that sure is one good looking AAR, far more comprehensive than my attempt. I don't know where you find the time ? I have enough trouble finding the time to play CM let alone write up the games afterwards. :cool: Jeremy
  12. You're quite right. My recon was almost non-existent. Also I agree with you about using a concerted thrust. If I could do this battle over again, I think a strong inf/armour thrust on one side of Hell's Hill while only keeping back enough of a force to defend the opposite flank could have been a much more successful tactic. But then hindsight is great. Then again with hindsight I wish my 2x20mm flak guns had been 2x75mm inf guns instead... Jeremy
  13. Thanks for the comments. Hopefully as my PBEM games progress over time I will build up a history of AARs, with the idea of learning from my past mistakes. Jeremy
  14. Hi All, Here is my first attempt to put an AAR up on the web. Comments are welcome.... http://www.btinternet.com/~cupit.hayes/combat_mission/hells_hill_aar.html Enjoy, Jeremy
  15. Has anyone out there got an accurate spreadsheet with unit data in it? cost, ammo, firepower, armour, blast etc... TIA Jeremy
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