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  1. After reviewing it in the scenario editor i have a question to the scenario designer. I looked at the AI plans and saw that the "Exit After" and "Exit Before" times are always set at 0:00 and 0:30 or 1:00. For every order.

    According to the manual and to all the previous posts from CMSF scenario design and my own testiing the time set under “Exit Before” and “Exit After” is absolute scenario time and not a duration. “1:00” means “one minute after the beginning of the scenario”, and NOT “one minute after the last order”.

    The question now is why your plans are working as intended (and i played it and found it fabulous) even when you have the times not set according to the "rules". I am a bit puzzled about it because i thought the times should have been like “Exit Before” 5:00 and “Exit After” 6:00 in the 2nd or 3rd order.

    Any insight is welcome.

  2. With ATI cards, you HAVE to have the "ATI Compatibility" setting in the Options enabled, otherwise you will get crashes when you click. The compatibility setting is required to work around a bug in ATI drivers related to mouse clicks.

    Thanks for the answer, moon. I had this enabled (on) and have then opted for vertical synchronization. The moment i clicked it, the game crashed.

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