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  1. I just updated my CMAK installation after my HD went south. But I need to set up the graphic and screen size. If I remember the game would start with a selection of graphics sizes but it did not this time. Anyone help?
  2. Medic's should not be carrying weapons. Violates the Geneva Convention.
  3. So true. The only to solve this is to talk to a Panther gunner or commander who actually used this vehicle in combat. I saw a Youtube video of a Panther with a guy who seemed like he used them in combat. Any way of contacting him? Here's the video; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5rzkJAgHH4
  4. I respectfully disagree. There are too many variables to say 20 sec is a long time, 30 maybe. But that maybe be from spotting the target by the CO, alerting the gunner and driver, the driver increases rev's (most likely not reving an engine to max under no load that is a bad idea dynamically for the engine), spin the turret till it's close via the hydraulic's and then hand cranking the turret to the target. If the target is moving the gunner needs to guestimate how much he leads the target and the gun elevation for long range shot. So 5 sec for the CO to alert the crew, another 5 sec for gunner and driver to coordinate the turret spin via intercom (foot tapes on shoulder wouldn't work), 10 to 15 sec to spin the turret close at 1000 rpm or idle engine speed and then 5 sec to aquire the target in the gunners sight and another 5 sec to guesstimate a lead. So that 20 to 30 sec maybe ok. Then this is repeated if the next target is outside the gunners sight angle.
  5. BTW; this is an ancient thread topic. I found on Google a thread on this forum, that's in the archieve, from 2000. http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=17187&page=9 There are some of the same people posting here as posted then with the same tired agruments.
  6. Yep, just saw where he posted from. But I also noted when playing the German, in the English version, the infantry runs around speaking German. Nice touch but if the user can't understand German it's sort of a waste. Anyway ... the vehicle was bogged or immobilized?
  7. Same to you Sport. Your not thinking of the practical application only what the possible max performance of the turret is AND not ANY battlefield conditions. Gee in Saving Private Ryan they could hear the German tanks coming down the road, so I guess Speilberg was wrong about the squeaky German tank bearings?? Oh and it was uncool highlighting my text like that. It miss leads people that you know what your talking about. At least I am honest about what I am unsure of instead of just shooting my mouth off. What's the saying "Best to keep your mouth shut and let people wonder if your a fool instead of opening your mouth and confirming you are a fool too all listening."
  8. What?? The vehicle damage/status is in German??? Give me a break ... that needs to be changed. Just a tad hardcore.
  9. Whoah dude take your Prozac!! But reving the engine should create an exhaust plume as well as noise. Enemy infantry in the area could hear it rev it's engine, especially if the Panther was set for ambush. The point was your not running your engine at max revs, BTW the 3000 rpm gave max hp of 700 per the Maybach site I found. There was also the problem of coordination of the driver, reving the engine and the turret operator (or who ever had the controls) to work together to get the turret spun around to the correct angle then hand cranked to the exact angle. Might be difficult with the engine reving, unless they had head sets for the Panther crew. Unknown to me. With these factors it might take a bit longer than 10 sec to zero in on a target with a Panther turret. I guess the Sherman turret was operated by only one person and indepentant from the engine rpm, so much more responsive and faster.
  10. But the Sherman could shoot while it was moving and the Panther had to be stopped.
  11. It appears we have comflicting data from this posting and the thread orginator. I don't see the fast times ever being in use. At 2500 rpm that would put that Maybach engine in the Panther almost at red line, or at least at the max 700 HP @ 3000 rpm. That's really reving the engine. In a combat situation would you rev the engine making all that noise and most likely an exhaust plume possibly giving away your position. I am not sure what the 1000 rpm high and low means but 1000 rpm is close to idle so splitting the differents is take 60 sec to transverse 360 degrees. So 20 - 30 sec with the engine at idle is not that far off.
  12. Does it say the tank is bogged down?
  13. Very interesting if it's true. The actual French Army report would be better than some guy's ramblings on a blog forum. But I have heard that German tanks had to be stopped and taken out of gear or the "clutch depressed" before the main gun was fired. That it would strip the tranmission gears if the main gun wasw fired while they were in gear. I believe this was with the PZIV, but not sure, since it was continually up-gunned but nothing was done to address the recoil. An that the Panther had a slow turret I also heard or read about. If the Shermans keep moving and firing on the move, with the gyro-stabilizer, a Panther had a hard time hitting. But once it did hit ... bye bye Sherman.
  14. Which is it a campaign or battle? An turns? You mean minutes, time, or battles? In the manual it states that damage to an area is not saved from battle to battle. I would be surprised if BF made that mistake. If it's the same battle then the map is losing the damage data, some how.
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