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  1. This is very confusing. I just bought the new game and am all installed up to V2.10 on the C drive. What gives? Why not an activation link or code like it's always been?
  2. I have the GeForce2 MX400 and I'm using the 30.82 driver. I'm trying everything here with rebooting and removing my monitor hardware and putting it back on. I do have to have my monitor contrast and brightness up pretty high normally, but this isn't normally a problem, because I just bump up the brightness/contrast a bit on the video card. My monitor is a generic monitor compatible with IBM VGA 8514A. Is there anything I can change on CMBB that might allow me to increase the brighten/contrast? You were saying something about changing the BIOS?
  3. Thanks for getting back so quickly. I honestly don't know how to check the NVIDIA detonator. I'm downloading the latest 40.71 Beta NVIDIA detonator driver right now to make sure I've got the latest. My BIOS version is, I don't know if that means anything to you or not. Will the new driver do the trick do you think? I've toggled the brightness in the game with alt-G to the maximum; it'd do the trick if there were three higher levels of brightness!
  4. Hello, I have an NVIDIA GeForce 2 with the latest drivers opreating on Windows ME. CMBB works fine, but the graphics are so dark that I can't play any scenarios except the ones with snow on the ground. I've got the brightness maxed out in the simulator. If I tweak up the brightness on my computer/monitor, it doesn't seem to make any difference for CMBB. Please help!! -Lee
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