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  1. Having the same problem - every once in awhile things freeze - wait for a minute and then comes back - although I have had a couple of crashes to desktop. Have a 2019 iMac w/ProVega 48, 64GB memory, 3.6GHz 8-core - running on Mojave... Not frequent - but has happened... Use bluetooth for both keyboard and mouse...
  2. Submitted a ticket - and got instructions on how to reinstall - all four games are up and running! Thanks for the help!
  3. IanL - thanks for trying to help! Much appreciated!
  4. Tried with CMBN to get Commonwealth Forces - told me it was activated - but not there when I start game - when I put in the original CMBN Code it says invalid serial number...
  5. On an iMac - fusion disk crashed and given the age of the computer went and bought a new one. Did a time machine restore to the new iMac and now all four programs (CMBN, CMFI, CMRT, and CMFB) are having licensing problems. CMBN can start but is now missing the Commonwealth Module. For CMFI and CMRT I am getting Error: 209 Please contact you vendor for assistance. Finally, for CMFB I get the 209 error described as a FingerPrint mismatch, but in this case there is box to enter a serial key to fix the error. I have all the modules and the license keys. I have the version 4 upgrade for all o
  6. Question - I have bought the 4.0 upgrades (I have all the modules and add-ons except for the Black Sea series) about a year ago - but haven't gotten to actually upgrading as the task is a bit daunting (particularly for CMBN and all the modules/add-ons) and haven't had the time to do. However, have a bit of free time over the next couple of weeks and was going to finally hunker down and plow through the upgrade process. But, given the comments here - would it be better to wait for the patch, or is the 4 generally still better than 3 and upgrading is still an improvement? Thanks
  7. To allow people to do Barbarossa scenarios - what if Battlefront did an eastern front early war vehicle pack - similar to what they did for Normandy for unusual vehicles?
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