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  1. Thanks MOS:96B2P, I was somewhat confused with CMBN at v4 Engine 4 and the others at v2 Engine 4 - thought I might of screwed up. Just assuming here that I don't have to apply any patches. Cheeks
  2. I already had CMBN & CMFI with the v3 upgrade and have just recently purchased CMFB and the v4 bundle upgrade. I've installed CMFB and applied all of the upgrades and apparently have had no problems. I only wanted to see if someone could confirm that my screen versions are the latest: Combat Mission Battle for Normandy: v4.00 Game Engine 4 Combat Mission Fortress Italy: v2.00 Game Engine 4 Combat Mission Final Blitzkrieg: v2.00 Game Engine 4 Does this look right? Thanks, Cheeks
  3. I had forgotten to say that I had tried booting into safemode. I couldn't read CM:BB but my trusty Warcraft did. I'll try to mess around with it Friday night and see what happens. If I find anything relavent, I'll post it. Once again, thanks for the helping hand. Cheeks
  4. Many thanks for the reply Schrullenhaft. I have the BFC version. My anit-virus is and was disabled. I have no DVD utilities running that I know of. I flashed the DVDROM with an updated firmware but the problem still is here. I visited the DVDROM mfg. forum to investigate similar problems and found nothing. The DVDROM is an "On-Lite DVD-ROM Drive SOHD-167T. Any other ideas? [ March 11, 2005, 05:41 AM: Message edited by: Cheeks ]
  5. 9 times out of 10, my DVD ROM will not detect the CM:BB CD. The drive will run-grunt-sputter-run for a minute or two when I close the tray....then ....nothing. If I double click on the drive icon, it'll say, "insert CD" (once in a blue moon the computer will recognise it and the game will play with no problems). I'll then pop out CM:BB and replace with my Warcraft CD or another game and there won't be a problem. Then I'll take that game out, put in CM:BB, then sputter-sputter-cough-cough....and nothing. However, if I take the CM:BB to work and put the CD my workstation, everything work
  6. ......you know my wife?!?!? Anyway...I'm from Ohio too and dying to get home to see if its arrived. Akron is not to far from Salem...so if you get it today then I'd better also!
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