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  1. On 12/9/2018 at 9:22 AM, IanL said:

    I have a new version in the works that will and it will support chatting.

    In the meantime you can override the game files directory to get it to work. Go to the preferences and edit the Shock Force 2 entry and manually change the game files directory.


    H Ian.  😃

    I have a current MacBook Pro running OSX Mojave

    Any idea when your updated version of WTII will be ready?  I'd also volunteer for beta testing if you'd like.


  2. 17 hours ago, Vet 0369 said:

    I don't have any screen shots myself, but if you got to "thefewgoodmen.com" (I don't know if you have to belong to the few good men, many of us on this Forum do, but the Site is definitely worth it), go to the home page, and from there go to the Forums. There is a dedicated thread on how to install, setup, and use CMH version 1.7.5 and 1.7.6 beta, with screen shots, on both the PC, and the Mac.

    Thanks.... will do

  3. On 12/9/2018 at 4:33 AM, Sgt_Grunt said:

    Because is says not installed the CMSF 2 game in the incoming/outgoing folders don't even show up. Even tried adding a game from the add game option in the menu bar, but because the CMSF 2 installation is not listed the only option you get is to add as one of the other installation listed such as CMBS, but it puts the incoming and outgoing files in the CMBS folders. Whose Turn is it works perfectly, so looks like I will be using this from now on, just shame I can't use the chat facility. I am sure GreenasJade will update CM Helper when he has time, please?

    I have exactly the same problem on my MacBook.

    Can't even fake it out by creating it under another name.  Doesn't see install at all.

    Is there an answer or are we done?



  4. Hello folks ....

    Looking for a PBEM opponents (large maps preferred.. the bigger the better).  Most times, I can do 1-2 turns or more per day, depending upon how busy I get at work...

    I've have had sometimes poor luck with some opponents, in that they play about half way through, then disappear. That can be frustrating, so please send me an email only if you are willing to play the match all the way through, or of course surrender if you're done.. :D

    I use DropBox and H2H Helper program from Martin 'GreenAsJade', which I find excellent for making PBEM games easy to handle.

    So, if you'd like to give it a go, email be at badger@milsurps.com.

    Thanks ....


  5. Running CM Helper 1.6.3 on a MacBook Pro with OSX ...


    Yes, I can add under "Installs" a CMFB and point to the executable program, which shows as "not installed" .

    I then try to ADD a game, but CMFB does not appear as an option to do that ..

    How do you associate an existing game if you can't click on a game type during the "add game" function?






    Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.17.21 AM.png

  6. BadgerDog,


    Compared to what I have, your rig is brand new! Mine is a late 2009 3.06 Intel Core 2 Duo iMac with 4 GB RAM and a 256 MB ATI Radeon 4670 video card. In our last QB, I repeatedly experienced frame stuttering issues, likely as a result of map size, trees and an ever growing collection of smoke pillars and such.

    John, I used to play regularly on the same rig you have, until I upgraded my machine. It played satisfactory for me as long as I had the graphics options under controls turned down to its lowest setting.



  7. How do you guys deal with 8-12 fps slideshow even on very respectable hardware during all this carnage? Reaches a point where you don't even need to pause to see the rounds flying. 



    Company + armor seems to be about the limit of what the game can handle while remaining a semi-smooth and aesthetically enjoyable experience at all zoom levels.


    Hmmm.... :huh:


    I have a 3 year old Apple MacBook Pro notebook computer with a small 15" screen and I regularly play large (14,000 pt) and huge (20,000 pt) CMBS matches on very large complex maps.


    My matches are very smooth during game-play and I don't see a lot of hesitation or jerkiness.  I used to get that when I owned a Windows based PC, so I don't know if hardware etc.,  is a factor in your case...


    To be honest, I don't load up the game with a bunch of 3rd party graphic enhancement add-ons, but I do use the settings as shown in the attachment  ..


    John, as I told you in a private messaging, you have to stop overthinking everything and just wade into playing the game.  It's the only way to learn.  Maybe use the opponents forum to find a new player and start with small matches if you're more comfortable, but after almost 15 years of playing BFC products, I particularly only enjoy 14,000 pt large and 20,000 pt huge maps.  CMBS really shines and is a lot of fun in the latter environment.


    When you load up infantry into APC's to get them to a "fight", it consumes pts really quickly, so you need that many points on larger battlefields, or you'd spend you life hoofing it around big maps ... ;)


    It's not that difficult to manage if your organize your virtual troops into organized fighting units at the time of setup...





  8. Done !!!


    Thanks for all the help guys ... :)


    After almost 13+ years and thanks to Kieme(ITA)'s excellent basic map, I've managed to use the Scenario Editor for the very first time and create my first PBEM Meeting Engagement complete with points scoring objectives...


    Now, I just have to get an opponent who enjoys Blue on Blue matches on very large maps.


    I think I've already got Splinty (Joe) overloaded with two large outings, but I'm impatient to try out my new work of art.. :P




  9. Also don't forget to set the friendly map edges to match the general orientation of the setup zones.


    So, in simple terms... if I'm Blue and setup is along North edge of map facing South, then Blue Friendly Direction under data should be set to say "N" for North... correct?




  10. Also remember that the points values you assign objectives are not the actual amount they will be worth, but what they are worth relative to other objectives, e.g. if you assign one objective 5 pts and another 10 pts the former will be worth 1/2 the latter but the exact numerical value will determined by the Battle Type.


    Thanks..  :)


    I'll be happy if I can just get two setup zones and a couple of objectives onto Kieme's excellent map without breaking anything ... :lol:




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