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  1. I'm enjoying the hell out of this game. Thats all I really want to say about it. Oh, and for some reason, the US Forces remind me of warhammer 40k space marines. They're tough, specialized, high tech, with lots of good gear. Maybe its that mk19 that makes me think of it. I'm not going to go into the other implications that such a comparison would draw, I'd rather just finish my note here. Thanks again for the great game, and keep up the good work. Looking forward to future patches.
  2. Interesting - thanks a lot Normal Dude!
  3. Hi Normal Dude- Could you make a video of this, or maybe post a save? I've been working through the campaign slowly and haven't seen this behavior yet - If this were CM i would have just created a simple battle to test it. It seems to me that its related to that earlier issue whereby a tank driving near to friendly troops causes them to panic and dive out of the way - like the unit bounding boxes are huge or something. Is there a reason why, a technical limitation, or was this a design decision? thanks- Joe
  4. using the same assets, i got: polish casualties: 17 men 0 tanks german casualties: 99 men 13 tanks amazing what a difference those 75mms made, although a majority of the casualties were from the ranks of the AT gun crews.
  5. the tab key ( and shift tab i believe ) cycles through available units. found that if you left click on an enemy units "targeting bubble", or double right click on a friendly unit's schematic drawing, you can focus on a unit. i wish they'd make that an assignable hotkey - it really helps to control the camera.
  6. what about the third one? the second wave pf Pz 38s and 35s at extreme range makes a turkey shoot of my 7tPs and my 40mms, not to mention the fact that theres a Pz IV mixed in there with them. its kinda scary.
  7. Chazman is the anti-shill. or the bizarro-shill, depending on your tastes.
  8. Wow, Chazman - 28 people have voted. 28 whole people. Thats like, the entire world or something. How many times did you vote? I haven't voted yet, myself.
  9. Spoilers below! . . . . . I think its also important to note that in mission 2, you recieve a third wave of reinforcements consisting of about 7 tanks and tankettes. taking the hill is not a requirement for recieving these reinforcements. very helpful. *edit* - i forgot - you can sneak your squads close to the guns on the hill using the tree line along the road. Just have them crawl and hold fire. It requires a bit of patience, and you may draw fire from the guns if individual soldiers stray from cover ( which *does* happen ) but it can be done.
  10. what good is an intellectual battle with you, chazman? its all emotion. cool. so do I. just picked up 46 in fact. [/QB]
  11. you're guilty of hogging the road yourself, chump. but somehow i dont think that you are possessed of the self awareness to be able to determine this. but its all in fun, right? you're just here for the entertainment to be found in stirring up a mess. you've said *that* about five times too. you're tiresome.
  12. Yes they have stic. man. Ghost 1 got banned. And at least 3 others are under threat of such. What i'd like to know is if i flag a moderators post who reads that flag? </font>
  13. EDIT: you know what, never mind. [ April 29, 2007, 05:30 PM: Message edited by: jdevlin ]
  14. that didn't really answer my question. chazman has never been mobbed - he just showed up in every thread to complain. just look at his posting history. i'm pretty sure i'll see a similar pattern in yours if i had the desire to look.
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