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  1. Where can I find the CMBB patch for the CDV version? (I renstalled my PC this weekend figuring no need to back up cmbb as I have the cd and the patch should be down loadable somewhere...I just back uped my PBEM folder. However all the games/download sites seem to have deleted the CDV patc for CMBB from their servers? pleae help! Have some PBEM opponents waiting
  2. In the editor you can place sandbags in a scenario. Are these just eye candy or they they give any bonus in protection and/or hiding?
  3. played this as the first CMAK scenario once I had it...played it 5 times...never won...so if any one could help us with this one?
  4. Could any one explain me the difference and what the fuzz was about between these 2.?
  5. mhh now I know I knew teh answer but what was the difference between hunt (drive medium speed stop when enemy in LOS and shoot) and M-to-C (drive medium speed stop when enemy in LOS and shoot)?
  6. True, I had the same problem (I forgot about that one ) I downloaded WinG32.dll from DLL World ( http://dll.yaroslavl.ru/ ) and placed it in the Windows\system32 folder. </font>
  7. mhh too happy too soon Does that Windows 95 version of PG can be made working under Windows XP ? or is it absolutly necassy to have a win95 system running?
  8. I downloaded it a few days ago at http://www.the-underdogs.org , 99Mb - Windows version. Am playing Fantasy General at the moment, great drawings of units </font>
  9. Does any one know where or whether this game is still available?? I lost it long time ago...(shame on me) and since trying to find it somewhere... this whole WW2 gaming started with PG1 for me so for old time sake I am desperate to fpurchase it again.. any one an idea?
  10. Ah now we are talking, thx mate...basically all were more or less doing the same thing only some did it better in a certain period/theatre then others in a certain period/theatre. All differnce bog down to the real fine print/details I guess
  11. Deep Operations were rather better thought through then Blitzkrieg campaigns... I'm the first to believe you..if soem one good start explaining me the difference....please?
  12. Ok here goes for all you grogs out there who love to talk about WW2. After a couple of years reading the usual popular WW2 "literature",playing the standard PC war games and reading a lot on this forum I slowly getting grasp of the in rth etitle mentioned subjects. However I still not really can tell the differences between the different nations (Germany, UK, France, Russia, USA, ...) in relations to the above mentioned themes. For example, this whole poeha about Panzer divisions..in any semi-serious docu on tv these are displayed as invincible units, you know the usual wawawa about h
  13. Basically Germany lost once they invaded Poland in september '39?
  14. Logistics......think of a good way to do logistics....in combination with what was mentioned earlier..a layer on top of cm..(basically teh campaign tool) but yeah logistics would be my suggestion
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