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  1. Have been playing that SCW scenario in WaW for some days now. Great! I'll probaly be busy for another few weeks...
  2. Well, I've just downloaded the WaW expansion and the new patch and have already taken a peek at the SCW scenario. Looks great! Bill, I love those improvised monsters as well. Luckily there are quite a few availabble in 28mm (1/56th scale) as well, otherwise I would probably have turned to 20mm as you did. So far I got the Bilbao armoured car, two different UML-35s, armoured lorry #2 and #10, two PzKfw Is (one with a 20mm cannon) a Chevrolet M37 four T-26 tanks, a BT-5 tank, two BA-6 armoured cars, a beautiful Somua armoured naval car and two or three FT-17s. Some small CV-33 tankettes a
  3. Most certainly Hubert. Best of both worlds like this. I'll order it immediately.
  4. So Bill , we're both miniature wargamers I guess? Doing the SCW in 28mm, using mostly Anglian and Force Of Arm miniatures. Just managed to get hold of an old OOP HLBSC Schneider Ca-1 tank. Needs a lot of work but well worth it. @ Philippe, So if I understood correctly SC Blitzkrieg and WAW are two totally different engines? Really love the new Global campaign for SC2 so I'm a bit reluctant to give it up now. I suppose the SC2 editor also doesn't work with WaW?
  5. Thanks Philippe, will no doubt order it soonest. I've recently downloaded the v1.08 patch with the integral World War campaign. Will this still work if I download tha WaW expansion, seeing that is only version 1.02? Or do both versions have nothing to do with each other? Thanks very much
  6. In one of the sprite modification topics the author showed a scenario for the Spanish Civil war. Is this scenario available for the 1.08 version and if so where would i be able to get it? Thanks very much
  7. Hubert, You have a winner here without a doubt! Sc is one of the best strategic games I've played for several years? Easy to get into yet deceptively simple. A more "advanced" editor would be very much appreciated, but again you're right in saying that you shouldn't be able to unbalance the play. Often heard is the lack of Hq's for the minor allies. If ALL of the minors had at least one it would IMHO only add flexibility.Correct? Being able to add one or two units to the minors would greatly enhance the game.Again imho Finland needs an airforce.There weren't all that many Finnish plane
  8. Miracles DO happen!!!! Whilst I wrote my lament yesterday the game had already arrived. I have two letterboxes, one especially for parcels the other a regular one. Guess which one Pat The Postman used to squeeze in the game? Anyway it's on my harddrive now, I've downloaded the latest patch and after checking out some of the users' mods I'm off to conquer the world. Thanks for the support guys! BTW Aloid would the reverse also work? Wife in the safe well away from the game?
  9. By now the postman thinks I'm some sort of lunatic He sees me every morning sitting by the letterbox with bright shining eyes. As soon as those eyes go dull because the game that the entire world except me seems to play, still hasn't arrived, he beats a hasty retreat... Fitzroy looking for fellow sufferers
  10. I've got to admit I'm starting to feel jealous. No sign of the game yet in Belgium. I'm seriously starting to think about moving to Ireland. Found a nice spot near Killarney. At least they are already playing the game over there!
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