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  1. No problem , you can do it if my permission was needed. You can modify the campaign as you want ... could yo send me the modified version to me? (jaimain@gmail.com).
  2. Konigs IMHO has done a very good post. Germany wasn´t an economy at war until Speer took economic command and Total war was declared. But the political reasons were important in this choose of Hitler , he needed germans didn´t feel the war over their backs; no increased taxes, no women in factories, goods as tires or gas for middle class were too political prizes for silent any disident voices.
  3. Thanks to defenders of a poor man that cannot win anyone even cheating ( sorry Iron ranger but i defeated you without cheating, believe you or not ) . I played more than 20 year to wargames and never i have done it for winnig or loosing only to have fun with other people (and we continue playing nowdays). I have never played for money or honour ( God they are my friends¡¡¡). If i have seen how important is the game for the other player´s ego i prefer to surrender in the first turn doing my good action of the day (there is so much pain in the world to add a little more). Try to have fun wi
  4. First i haven´t played yet in any ladder game , then i don´t`play for rank, i´m not very competitive (I know this is dificult to understand for you JJRambo), only play for fun and i prefer to design scenarios than playing them. Second I could hide and say no i don´t cheat and he couldnt prove it. Third please reply this again because i hope people Know how easy is to cheat in this last version (and to know I cheat in this game)and this bug will be fixed inmmediately.
  5. I feel really bad about using you Hellraiser , i hope you can forget this incident. But for me it is only a play , and i have thought will be funny to surprise you with my elite unit of -2710 strenght points attaking UK. I haven´t tested by now what is its power of atttack.
  6. Hellraiser if you see the unit in negative strenght was in amphibious transport to invade UK and then should be the moment when you should have seen the sad true ( i´m a bit histrionic). And as i can see my plan have worked thanks to JJRambo and his torch against cheaters, i thing this BUG do the game with fog of war a matter of trust (if i want to hide myself i haven´t build any BB or CW as you can see in the screenshot i built). I hope this PROBLEM take all the attention of HC and he´ll fix it.
  7. Againt Iron Ranger i can say i dont cheat but you can think what you want, i have no reason to do that.
  8. Well Sorry Hellraiser You have the reason, i begin to cheat from the first turn, but not to win instead of this only to promove some polemic in the forum about the ÜBERBUG. First I have purchased all my army and navy from the beginnig, but my mpps were positive at the end of the turn. I can give you my password and you can see that my MPP aren´t in negative numbers,if you have any dubte. The reason to do that is to report all players that the bug is even BIGGER than only to rename units, you can have units with negative strenght, and this give you a way to hold over 0 your MPP´s . Thi
  9. In SC2 you can attack every single objetive with three tiles of front up to 6 times due mainly to blitz-attack-followed-by retreat-tactic , i have tested one simple way to reduce this so efective tactic by increasing movement cost of blitz attacks. In the last version of my campaign in clear turns or snow only units with movement over 5 can attack and retreat, and in mud turns no unit can retreat after attack, doing impossible this tactic. I hope this can help to make defense a reliable possibility. What is your opinion?
  10. Europa en Llamas , the campaign with this new map is on cmmods, but NO AI scripts are included, , i ´m waitting to next patch to include these . The campaign is not suitable for solo play, download at your own risk, but against other person works fine
  11. Thanks for your opinion ...if you dont like it you are free to correct everything you see wrong, another option would be (if you want to spent a lot of hours) that you can do your own map. I inspired me in the maps of two wargames "World in flames" and "Europe engulfed". About Maginot line this map was my source.
  12. Hello Hubert , i have done one script allowing use of naval loops for Canada ( i only need to paste the script for uk or usa and instead of 1 or 3 in country i have written 14) but this seems doesn´t work :eek: . It is a Bug or is a design decision? :confused:
  13. I have finished all the map and event scripts , about balance IMHO now is right, thanks to playtesters like ; AXISGENERAL , TERIF, STAVKA CCCP, FIREBALL, SOMBRA, CONSTAN. Finally I´m waitting for the next patch to write all the AI scripts, well i have done a lot of them , but i would prefer upload te campaign completely in cmmods , because now is mainly for use in human versus human games. If you want, you can contact with me in icq or by e-mail jaimain@gmail.com . Finally two screens of France 40´ SFMBE
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