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  1. Thanks. As it turns out, I don't need a new license activation after all.
  2. Trying to repair/reinstall CMSF on my PC. License screen says: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Unable to get or install a license Retrieval of license failed with error code = 11 There are no licenses currently available for this License Key. You have installed all of the licenses for this product to which you are entitled. If you need additional licenses, you will need to contact the publisher or vendor store you purchased this product from, or you will need to purchase another copy. ----------------------------------------------------------
  3. Pretty good scenario. Very difficult to do well on the first part and very dramatic watching initial German forces getting overrun, which seems to be inevitable given the Syrian forces and paltry anti-tank capability of the German Gebirgsjager (maybe someone else has a more successful story to tell.) I managed a total victory as the Germans against the red AI, but only after getting pretty thoroughly overrun. Out of my initial Gebirsgjager company, only a few squads worth of infantry survived, scattered in hiding locations. None of the vehicles I started with survived. I found the idea
  4. Usually on the second turn in or so, this scenario locks up. I get the Windows 7 version of the hourglass and it doesn't come back. I hit CTL-ALT-DEL and bring up the task manager, at which point I see a "Combat Mission Shock Force.exe is not responding" message. I've played other scenarios on my laptop, so I'm wondering if there's a bug in this scenario?
  5. I would generally prefer to play against the AI, as well, but that's mostly because I prefer to sit down and play either half or a whole scenario at a sitting and for multiplayer I usually end up playing maybe a few turns per week, so an entire game takes quite awhile. I actually think playing against another player (talking PBEM here) takes up a lot less of my time than playing against the computer. Anyway, so count me among those who would like a good AI to play against. However, I was speaking more from the standpoint of practicality: From the business perspective of BFC, they are pro
  6. I can buy that explanation, but I was speaking of the CMx1 series, which, presumably, could be replicated in CMSF (depending on which system is superior.) From your description, I agree that triggers would be necessary to make the AI have _some_ reaction to the player if the "AI" is simply executing a script. Hey, there's an idea. Why not open up the AI for scripting with a basic language (i.e., one that would naturally contain branching and iteration logic) and then turn the community lose. Not that it would necessarily get us a much better AI (as many have mentioned, writing a go
  7. Well, my understanding (at least of the CMx1 games) was the that AI got a peak at the forces of the human player before the game started so that it could make a plan. If this is true (and I have no idea if it still holds for the CMx2 series), then why does it seem like the AI doesn't re-plan when it starts making contact and losing units? Also to add: I agree with the logic of not spending much time on the StratAI because players can play against other humans. However, if the expectation is that we will mostly play against other players, then I'd really like to be able to issue more com
  8. Alright, guys, this time I really did figure out the issue. It turns out there's a fatal flaw in the installer: It was not able to adequately anticipate my level of stupidity. Despite the fact that I had already successfully installed the game on my PC, patched it, installed the modules, and patched up to 1.21 and had been playing it for awhile, this did not stop me from trying to do the following when installing it on our new laptop: (1) I installed the base game (2) I patched up to 1.10 (3) I patched up to 1.21 and selected "Update Marines + British". Obviously, there should hav
  9. At the risk of making my skill level at the CM series game obvious to the community, I always thought that the AI (speaking mainly of the CM1 series here) was fine with one exception: It rarely reacted to what I was doing. I'm not the type of player who tries to figure out how the AI works and use that to my advantage, so perhaps the AI is better for me than those who do, but it is noticeable when it keeps sending vehicles into an area where its already lost a bunch of vehicles. I wouldn't say the AI is clever by any means (it isn't that difficult for me to trick it, especially when it is
  10. The problem is that I discover where they are because one of my AAV's (that I thought was in reasonable cover and/or facing the most likely attack direction) blows up. Also, I intend to respect the ROE for the scenario, which is not to just light the place up, which would otherwise be my preference :-)
  11. Alright, gents, I kindof suspected this wouldn't work, but I tried changing the install paths to be under Program Files instead of the default (Program Files (x86)) for the base game, the 1.10 patch, and the 1.21 British + Marine installation and it did the same thing. Sorry, we have to try again. I've been thinking about this and, given the evidence, the only remaining conclusion I can draw is that the 1.21 update doesn't fully update properly. I draw this conclusion because (1) the game still runs (2) the key installers both came back successful (3) the main screen shows version 1.21 (4
  12. Does it matter what the install path is? I accepted the default path on install and it appears it put the game under c:\Program Files (x86) rather than c:\Program Files.
  13. Hmmm. Hadn't thought about the height. However, I've been trying to keep them back and behind cover, but my opponent still blasting them to bits with, I think, recoilless rifles. They seem a lot more fragile than Strykers, but could also be the enemy has better weapons than the average base CMSF scenario. Imma going to try keeping them in motion, moving behind cover as much as possible, get my guys assaulting and then get my AAV's behind cover.
  14. So here's more specifically what I did. I'm trying to install CMSF British + Marine modules on my new laptop, which is running Windows 7 (I assume the modules will work in XP compatability mode for XP Svc Pck 3.) (1) Installed the base game from disc. Ran as admin and input the original key. Game came up fine, loads scenarios and seems to run fine (version 1.01.) (2) Installed the 1.10 patch. Then ran it as admin and again it seemed to work fine, main screen says version is 1.10. (3) Installed the 1.21 Marines + British module. This seemed to install fine, I selected "Marines + Briti
  15. As a Marines module newby, in my first mission, I have to say the Marines' ride seems to be quite easily destroyed. Any tips on keeping these alive? I'm getting my butt kicked. Should I keep them in cover and just bring them out to support my infantry or do I need to just keep them moving or what?
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