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  1. Just uploaded this whitewashed PzIVg at the MOD database.Hope you like it. get it here: http://cm.cozog.com/
  2. Hey Tracer, I'll try to help a little, although I believe there are more experienced modders than me here. So, let me explain my winter technique in short.I dont know everything about PsP 7 just some basic things. Firstly I convert the image to grey scale.Then I apply an overlay layer with 90-100 opacity using white color(I use some texture pattern for the "airbrush" in order to get that random result). If its needed I apply a second overlay layer(usually using a different texture).Then I switch to 24bit color depth and work again with overlay layers with dark browns brick reds
  3. Nice work Joe.I'm glad that my tips helped you.Just some advice. You can use another overlay layer with a dark brown and opacity 50-60, to sharpen the details and add depth to the textures.They look a bit flat IMHO. Add shadows to the lower parts of the tank with a gentle and smooth way(remember that snow reflects a lot of light towards the shaded lower areas). Study some tank photos in order to improve your lighting and shading.Hope this helps P.S if you want to post your pictures here, at the preview picture of your mod at CM database, click and copy the url from the pro
  4. The PzIIIHdeck.zip is the replacement bmp for my non-corrected PzIIIH winter mod which is no longer hosted I think.Thanks again for hosting my mods.
  5. Hehe Oddball .I'm glad you like my mods!Maybe I can make some panzer mods with holes from russian guns for you and and the other Red army's fans out there(I'm a fan too, although my nick is panzermartin ). Well, so far I have made two winterized panzers, which you can find at the MOD database, but I intend to make some more in the future.Hope I will have something new soon.
  6. A small update now, to thank you all for your response and good words. A whitewashed T70 light tank(Andreas you can put a tick on your list now ). Available at: http://cm.cozog.com/ This one I had it almost done anyway.I use it a lot in QBs(which btw arent going very well since I started this new hobby ) Andreas, I have read about CMCM2 and although I am not aware of the details, it sounds a great idea overall.Time permitting I will attempt to winterize some of the vehicles listed.PZIIIJ PZIVs HT's and T34s are some of the ones I would like to mod in the future.
  7. After three winterized mods, there was little paint left for covering a whole tank.So I ended up with a hastily whitewashed T34 M43(late). You can find it(as usual)at http://cm.cozog.com/ [ November 17, 2002, 09:14 AM: Message edited by: panzermartin ]
  8. Thank you all for your kind words This one is a bit more dirty than the previous ones and more subdued too.Hope you find it good in game too.
  9. This time I made something for the russian side. A SU-122 SPA with air indentity marking. This one is for those of you who have problems with their sturmoviks attacking their own tanks.Hope this helps! You can find it here: http://cm.cozog.com/
  10. Ah..this explains it all.And I was wondering what the heck are crews doing in their battered tank when I get the message "bailing out" for 1-2 turns.This should be "dressing up" instead! .
  11. A big thanks to you guys for your support and your generous comments! Being a beginner your feedback is the best motivation that I could have to continue my modding work and try harder.A big thanks also to the great modders out there(Fernando,Gordon Molek and many others) whose work has inspired me in making these mods.You set the standards. Andreas, these pictures are very interesting. Hasty white washes were the standard winter camouflage technique during those war days. Even chalk was used to counter the shortages of white paint!I will propably try a hasty winter camo mod.It requi
  12. We should thank you sir, for making your site the most modder-modslut friendly place in the CM online community.Thank you for your time and for giving the chance to new modders to share their mods with all the CM enthusiasts.Keep up the good work!
  13. I'm really sorry for the mistake .I'm uploading the corrected version right now.Parbellum, thank you for mentioning the missing BMP.For all of you who have D/L the mod I'll add the missing BMP as a single file too for download.Thank you all for your good words and please forgive my mistake
  14. This is my second mod for CMBB.It is available at http://cm.cozog.com/ along with my previous winter mod for Pz38t which I reuploaded. PzIIIH: Pz38t: Hope you like 'em! ATTENTION: I'm sorry for the mistake but in the pzIIIH mod a BMP is missing.Please download the PzIIIh(Corrected) version instead. [ November 13, 2002, 05:32 PM: Message edited by: panzermartin ]
  15. The site is down for hours now.Dont know what happened.Hope the problem will be fixed soon.I will upload another winter mod as soon as the mod database is functional again.
  16. Thank you all for your kind words.I'm glad you like my work .Well if you take a closer look you might find some faults here and there because my technique is a bit experimental but I'll try to avoid them in future attempts.Tracer, I'm using Paintshop 7 and to be honest the whites are random RGB combinations(close to 255 255 255 of course).I used overlay and other layers on the grey original to lighten it up without losing the detail underneath.Then I played with some browns for dirt and shadows.I'm an amateur modder and I propably ignore some useful techniques that other modders apply
  17. This my first mod for CMBB. It is available at: http://cm.cozog.com/ Hope you like it! [ November 11, 2002, 02:02 PM: Message edited by: panzermartin ]
  18. Nice pics.I too find that CMBB graphs with default graphs settings are a bit sharper than normal and slightly pixelated from 3+ camera angles. [ November 09, 2002, 06:33 AM: Message edited by: panzermartin ]
  19. Really nice work Zigwied, congrats.I like the fact that you applied a fine weathering effect on the original(perhaps the worst looking model in the game) without going too far with rust and mud.This was a badly needed mod, thanks!
  20. Actually a friend of mine ordered the english version of CMBB from a french wargames store as he had done with CMBO.Although CMBO was in the correct english version, this time CMBB arrived in the french language .On his request to send him the english version instead, they replied that it wasnt available anymore, and if he wished he could send it back in order to return him the money.So we both have to play CMBB using a dictionary, because with so many new features its impossible to find out what is what by simply guessing.Believe me its frustrating trying to play CMBB using your ti
  21. I haven't got the game yet but I really wonder if the quick battles are as well balanced as they are in CMBO in terms of force points.Are the russians able to counter the quality of the german troops with quantity?What is the usual force ratio in a CA meeting battle?(inf,armor etc)Are there any "gamey" units that can unbalance the game in such a degree that rules should be applied to prevent their use?I guess that some time periods would favour the one or the other side and would not offer a challenging duel for a PBEM game, right?What are the thoughts of the CMers who have tried PBEM ba
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