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  1. Thank you to all who replied. I think I have enough for now.
  2. Looking for a PBEM game. I have CMBS and BSBP1. No preferences as I am new to this game so keep that in mind. Tried the Blitz and got no takers. Signed up for Few Good Men several days ago, but haven't been approved so not sure what's the deal with that. We Band of Brothers doesn't seem to support Black Sea. So this is my last shot I guess until The Blitz announces another scenario of the month. I have played PBEM in the past, namely Campaign Series and CMx1, but that was almost a decade ago, when I used to send turns zipped via email. That being said, I do have a Dropbox account,
  3. Hi everyone, If anyone has a zipped copy of the Hi-Res Patch for CMMOS, then could you please e-mail me a copy to jim_liang@msn.com? I deleted my zipped copy by accident, and I cannot find it at CMHQ anymore. Thanks in advance!
  4. Guys, Thanks for everyone's help. I got the Allied rule sets to work. I guess you were right Philippe, the SFX files are sensitive or something. This time I downloaded the rule set to my desktop instead of C:\My Documents\My Downloads. I made sure no other programs were open although I did have programs open in the background that automatically start at start-up. Anyways, this time after unpacking the files wininstall kicked in which didn't happen in previous attempts, and I was prompted to select which rules to install. I didn't change anything since the default had all of them check
  5. Hey Philippe, I posted my reply before I saw your post. I'll download the rule sets again and make sure everything else is closed out. I remember with earlier versions of the rule sets that the program did prompt you to ask you which specific rules you wanted to download. FWIW I was not prompted at all this time when I double clicked on the rule set. I'll try it again though and let you know what happens. Thanks!
  6. Hmmm. I right clicked on the rule set and selected "Quick View" which produced some report that unfortunately meant nothing to me, but might mean something to someone else more computer literate than me. I also then opened the file using WinZip. I noticed the path of all the files was to "disk1". I'm wondering if that shouldn't say C:\GEM Software Productions\CM Mod Option Selector\CMBO\Allied Rule Set or somefink like that?
  7. Major Gregg, Thanks for trying to help! Unfortunately I don't think it worked. The drop down tab on the bottom right has Beyond Overlord selected. I can't select Barbarossa to Berlin because I don't have the game yet (Shame, shame, I know...). Anyways, I next select "Configure" on the bottom left (I thought the User Readme said this does not apply to CMBO, but I tried it anyway per your instructions), and then "Rule-sets" on the top left. Next I hit "Add" on the bottom left. A window opens, and I browse to where the rule set was downloaded to. I have to change the file type on the bo
  8. I decided to upgrade CMMOS to 4.03 now that I have broadband. I installed CMMOS 4.03 to its default location C:\Program Files\GEM Software Productions\CM Mod Option Selector. Next I downloaded the allied rule set to C:\My Documents\My Downloads. The User Readme seems to suggest that for CMBO the rule sets are self extracting and should install to the right place automatically, however, when I double click on the rule set I see that it unpackages the program, but then it does not seem to install it anywhere. I gathered from reading other posts that the rule sets are supposed to appear in th
  9. I'll be working in Rockville, MD that monday so I might be interested in attending. Let me know where it is. Thanks!
  10. I use MSN 8, and I'm having problems receiving pbem files. Whether zipped or unzipped the text files always seem to be cutoff or corrupt. In other words if you open up the text file, you don't see an "end of play by email data" message. As a result, CM cannot read the file. I can't even open zipped files to see what's the matter because the archives are "invalid" when I try to open them with WinZip. Has anyone else who uses MSN 8 had these problems? If so could you offer a fix if there is one? Thanks.
  11. I have a question. Are the scenarios for the RoW tournament designed to be balanced only if both sides have not played the scenario? IOW are the scenarios designed to be balanced only if played blind? Or are they designed to be balanced only after multiple plays. For example I think the byte battles (or maybe all the der kessel battles) are not meant to be replayed. IOW replayability is not a factor in their scenarios because both FOW and force composition play a role in making their scenarios balanced. So if you remove FOW the scenarios may become very unbalanced. Para Recon in For
  12. Don't worry everyone. FOW is extremely important to me too. That's why I didn't mention the name of the game in my original post.
  13. My God! I am close to suffering one of the worst defeats ever in my CM career. I'll be interested in seeing the spread for this scenario. I may have to go over to the "Unbalanced Scenario" thread and agree with Holien! :eek: Just kidding! I won't judge the scenario until it's over since I don't know the opposing forces/setup, and I need to consider the possiblity that I suck! It ain't over until it's over. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the other possibility...that my opponent played better than me. Sorry Visom! God that was hard.
  14. Finished game number 2 today. One more game to go against Visom. Last 10 turns are going to be fun I think.
  15. Damn. Got another movie file from Strider. I guess he's not finished yet. I need to start thinking the same way and close this game.
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