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  1. First, i love the game and think its going to be great.... there is just one thing, if i'm in command of the AXIS from the onset of WW2 then you MUST have an open time line, by this i mean being able to play into the 1950's and later. you cant make a game on this scale and size and hold the player to a set time period, its not very realistic, i want to rewrite history not relive it. Its an important feature that most games like this forget, dont make the same mistake , i'd PAY twice the price to have this feature. if its not there then this game wont give the player the real control of th
  2. VON M. i think your missing the point here, if WE are in command at the begining of the war it does not matter if what happend in history, we would get a chance to do it over, not repeat it, right? do you see my point? if i was playing as the axis, and decided to attack Russia first and defeated them completely then that opens a whole new possibility as an outcome to the war. Again as far as the american ATOM bomb, if the AXIS had moved in and taken all of france in 1939 then some of europes scientists might never have made it to america, in which case there might not have been a s
  3. HELLO, i'm new to this forum and i have a question about the time frame of the game. DOES THE GAME HAVE TO END IN 1946 ? i am hoping that the game will continue until i have completely won or lost the war. is there a way to make the war CLOCK go past 1946 ? it would be a nice option and its something that other turn based games have overlooked in the past. if you are making a game that will reflect a WHAT IF aspect of WW2 , it might be a good option to leave it open ended for the player to not have a time constraint. i think your game is a great, and long overdue shot in the
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