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  1. If I'm reading the manual corrctly TCP port 7023 should be opened to allow incoming and outgoing transmissions.
  2. I'm in Floida, Didn't receive my copy. ncc Update, I found it!!! Someone was playing games and it was not CM [ December 05, 2003, 09:05 AM: Message edited by: Col.Burn ]
  3. I sure would like to play your scanario, can you send me a copy Thanks Norm
  4. I have the original scenario but looking for Version 2 or better...Please email me with update or send a link
  5. Hi Ken your email not working? It bonced back. Wanted to give you some feed back on the great scenario
  6. I would like to play test the scenario. Please send it me or tell where to download. thanks nccolburn@cox.net
  7. I noticed on page 46 of the manual..explains the use of "Rhinos" mounted on the front of Allied tanks. Begining July 44'and on. NC
  8. Thanks Fionn I read an explanation on this rule but can't seem to locate where.
  9. Thanks mate, that just how I read it!! I would guess that would apply to Towed AT guns too?
  10. The detailed Force rules I'am referring to the doc's... Infantry Only Rules and Recon Rules, the box grid area under each: I'm questioning the towed guns and artillery maximum. It reads as follows Artillery: 81mm Maximum Towed Guns: Any and all Towed Guns excluding Light and Medium Flaks - See Notes page. Are Towed Guns limited to 81mm Maximum? What makes me question this, the words Any and all Towed Guns. Thanks NC [ July 22, 2002, 11:08 AM: Message edited by: Col.Burn ]
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