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    Wicky reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in Fire and Rubble Update   
    No, I just don't believe in nagging about something like this.....It'll be ready when it's ready, or it won't.  Nothing we type here will make the slightest difference. 
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    Wicky got a reaction from Warts 'n' all in Price differences for CM games for UK and EU customers   
    Give him his due Rees-Mogg has consistently promised cheaper shoes, food, wine and clothes costs by 20%, and living standards to soar after Jan 1st - nothing about cheaper Combat Mission....
    How about a free bottle of Californian wIne with every BFC digital download to make up to us Brits?
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    Wicky reacted to Warts 'n' all in Difficulty combining teams   
    John it is good manners to thank people who try to help you. You didn't read the Engine 4 manual 20 years ago because it didn't exist. Both the Engine Manual and the Game Manual are provided to all of us when we buy the game. If you can't be arsed reading the Engine Manual that is your fault, no one else's.
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    Wicky reacted to nik mond in No hedge cutter   
    The Canadian hedge cutters seem OK. Here's a Sherman V with twin Sunjo's

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    Wicky reacted to Lethaface in Welcome to 2021!   
    Worst case is a massive solar flare hitting earth right now. 😁
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    Wicky reacted to surfimp in Welcome to 2021!   
    I'm a brand-new customer and only just heard of Combat Mission thanks to the Shock Force 2 listing on Steam. This despite looking for literal years for a realistic tactics simulation of infantry and combined arms combat, and being an avid player of tabletop miniatures wargames like Bolt Action. Suffice to say, Combat Mission is like a gift from the gods, and checks boxes I didn't even know I could wish for. I've become an instant fan.
    This news about my Battlefront purchase being honored on Steam is wonderful, and I've shared it with my IRL gaming group friends. I'm hoping a couple of them may take the plunge with me, as Combat Mission is a perfect replacement for tabletop wargaming in the time of Covid.
    Sorry if my reply is overly gushing, but I just want to reiterate how happy I am with my purchase, and what looks like the very positive and healthy relationship between Battlefront and its customers. Though it took me too long to find you all, I'm so very glad to be here.
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    Wicky reacted to IanL in Fire and Rubble Update   
    A 10 year fan here. ^^^^ This is exactly the attitude we should have.
    It's all find to look forward to something new, report issues and desires but what a waste of time all this bitching and complaining is - about a schedule for f's sake. Go play CMRT or any one of the other games instead. Heck go build a snow fort in your back yard with your kids or grand kids.
    Edited to correct how long I have been here.
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    Wicky got a reaction from Sgt.Squarehead in AAR - NATO H2H German Mech Arm vs Syrian Mech Arm   
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    Wicky reacted to Freyberg in Fire and Rubble Update   
    I get that some people, a small vocal group of people,  are disappointed. I just wish they'd have the humility not to constantly flood the forum with petty bitching
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    Wicky reacted to Freyberg in Fire and Rubble Update   
    I don't really get your point.
    But I do find that there's a small gaggle of really vocal weirdos on this site who work hard to create the impression that the customers are dissatisfied.
    Having played the game since the last Millennium, bought every game and module except Afghanistan, played them incessantly and enjoyed them all, I feel some loyalty to the BF team and would like to play my part in dispelling the impression that the average, normal buyer is unhappy.
    They're a small development team. The product is amazing. I don't care how many delivery dates they overshoot, I just hope they keep going.
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    Wicky got a reaction from chuckdyke in AAR - NATO H2H German Mech Arm vs Syrian Mech Arm   
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    Wicky got a reaction from Lethaface in AAR - NATO H2H German Mech Arm vs Syrian Mech Arm   
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    Wicky reacted to chuckdyke in What's the best WWII raid operation?   
    The family cat. It happened just before Christmas 1944 during the 'Honger Winter' (Dutch Spelling). The cat scratched on the door came inside with a beautiful piece of beef (Eye Fillet). The only place he got it from was the German Naval Base. The picture of Santa which became his new name always had a place of honor in our living room. A raid by definition is to destroy or seize something the enemy values. Santa fulfilled this criterion in my opinion.  
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    Wicky got a reaction from JonS in Scottish army ration (MRE) with radioactive heater.   
    A review of a VERY rare Scottish army ration. Carbohydrate-rich to match the Scottish diet and protect against the harsh cold environment of war and Scotland in general. It appears to be made of all the key Scottish, Irish and Canadian food groups with the bonus of a slightly dangerous ration heater based on radioactive components also used by the Russian army. It almost seems to be engineered to encourage fighting.
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    Wicky reacted to danfrodo in New Russian Eastern Front movie   
    this is ridiculous.  It's classic old fascist claptrap where they say "what about Stalin"  when they are really saying "Hitler had the right idea" but know they can't say that out loud so do it this way.   And then we have memoirs of captured german soldiers who complain how badly they were treated by the soviets -- after having killed ~15% of the soviet population.  they were treated horribly and suffered terribly, but no worse than what was done to those hundreds of thousands (millions?) of soviet prisoners who the germans let die in 1941/42.  So let's not play the "who was worse" game. 
    yeah yeah yeah, we all know Stalin was a murderous monster of unbelievable proportions.  I read a book on Stalin and was shocked that he was even worse than I thought when I already thought he was an incredible monster.  Which somehow gets Hitler off the hook, and also shows that the allies were hypocrites, and we should've allied w hitler to stop the commies, blah blah blah. 
    But all that really matters here is some russian folks made a movie that has lots of 45mm AT guns shooting at some realistic-looking german tanks, and that's all I really care about.  I am not watching this for it's literary elegance or great moral enlightenment or historical accuracy (other than the gear, which has to be right).  I just want some CM-looking battles on my TV. I usually fast forward through the pathetically scripted non-battle sections anyway (who can write such drivel?).  So they made it into russian propaganda? who cares, everyone does that -- as if hollywood never made nationalistic, propaganda-filled war movies.  Just show me some good battles. 
    And herbert hoover never had to make the choice of which monster to back, so it's easy for him to throw stones later.  If the soviets had fallen how long before the US was facing armadas of german Uboats sinking all our commerical shipping?  What choice did we really have other than to back Devil #2 to fight Devil#1?
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    Wicky got a reaction from quakerparrot67 in Fire and Rubble Update   
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