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  1. Strewth ! Haven't been to visit the cesspit in years and years, look in on some strange and deeply maschochistic whim, and find you bunch of tosses are STILL here. Emmys, Mace and others no doubt... Haven't you grown out of this yet ! Jeezzzz...
  2. I was really looking forward to CMBN having been left behind on CMBB when Mac support was dropped many years ago. However, I must admit that I was pretty disappointed when I downloaded the Demo. I'm sure its a wonderful game but I just havent got the time to deal with getting my head round the UI. It just doesnt work at a level of intuitiveness that I need. Time has moved on, family and kids have arrived and career is making greater demands. I gave this an hour or two but its just not doing it for me. I'm struggling to make basic things happen when I want to be playing and having fun and
  3. Good to hear that this functionality is in. But that has to be up there amongst the worst user interface design decisions ever. Is it REALLY so difficult to originate the target line from the waypoint ?
  4. Agreed - one of the sleaziest, obscurant and down right irritating sites I have visited in ages. Not the sort of site I would normally have associated Battlefront with. Anyway - it seems to have worked in the end. Now I'm just itching to get home and take this one out for a spin.
  5. If I understand correctly this implies that once (or even before) all morter amo is fired the HT could be used for more 'traditional' purposes such as transporting infantry or MG overwatch / suppression.
  6. Thanks for the good news. I look forward to taking it out for a spin.
  7. I understand that a Mac version of CMBN will be available and thank the powers that be most heartily for this welcome news ! However, with all the excitement about the demo, I was wondering if someone in the know could clarify if a Mac demo would also be available and if so, whether this will be released at the same time as the PC version. Thanks,
  8. Oo oo ! YES please..... Show us a Bren Gun tripod picture and I'll be happy to wait another month.
  9. I think yllamana makes a series of good points in a well argued and balanced way. I also recognise some of his comments regarding the user interface from my own experience with some PC software. As a long term Mac user I havent had the opportunity to play CMSF, but do use PC-based image analysis software at work that follows non-intuitive and downright 'clunky' user interface rules. That doesnt make it bad software (indeed it is extremely powerful and flexible). However I have noticed that while habitual PC users accept and deal with it, Mac users are used to a world in which the user
  10. There is a big difference between US style balloon timber frame construction and traditional Normandy farm houses with solid stone and mortar walls over a food thick. The roof timbers are not structural and taking them out, either violently or by fire, will not collapse a building (although it would probably weaken its resistance to subsequent damage). However I think we need to be careful not to draw conclusions from the building behavior in one video AAR. Lets just wait a few more days and we can judge for ourselves....
  11. I expect the main Space Lobster units to be in the initial release. It wont REALLY be finished until the langoustine and crayfish module is out.
  12. Page 186 K18 170mm Gun 'very alow to set up' should probably 'very slow to set up'
  13. I wasnt worried about the grammar. It was the name 'sue' in stead of 'due' that I thought might be worth correcting.
  14. Page 167 (again) M1 Carbine 'preferred the carbine sue to its small size' should read... 'preferred the carbine due to its small size'
  15. Only slightly off topic. I visited Dover Castle last week and one of the info boards by the Admiralty Lookout bunker showed a WWII picture of a quad-Lewis gun AA mount with a central gun shield. Looked like quite a beast... and if loaded with tracer rounds probably sufficient to at least put an aircrew off their aim even if its unlikely to do much critical damage.
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