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  1. That is neat. Thanks for posting/sharing. (The coast along Dieppe looks like a bad place to land... lots of cliff). Sincerely, Ken [ November 01, 2004, 07:11 PM: Message edited by: kenfedoroff ]
  2. I had no idea it was a trilogy! I thought there was just the one book. Christmas is coming soon, and Blackburn's other books (once I find out their titles) will make a great gift for the wife. Why... I can visualize the look of joy on her face even now... as she opens her presents Christmas Morn and says, "Oh Joy! More war books." (She always lets me borrow them to read.) Cheers, Ken
  3. Reading Blackburn's "The Guns of Normandy", I get the impression the carriers were used for holding the massive radios/batteries of that era. The carrier would be placed in hiding to the rear of the position, while the artillery observer would sneak forward unrolling a wire. He would talk by wire back to his partner at the carrier, who would transmit by radio. I am guessing that because of problems with radios of that era, if you didn't have a carrier to haul it with, you could be out of immediate and instant communication very quickly. I am guessing they were used more for command and control than actual front-line combat. Maybe some Grogs can straighten me out on this. I always feel it's unrealistic to deliberately expose the carriers after reading Blackburn. Thanks in advance, Ken
  4. Were the trees just not growing there at that time, or had they been leveled by all the bombing, shelling, etc.? Just curious. Nice pics. Thanks for posting. Ken
  5. Hi Kirk, You want the Allies... so I will set-up the Axis and send you a start-turn, either tonight or tomorrow. Thanks, Ken
  6. Hi Perry, Thanks for sending me the scenario file. Now I just need an opponent. Anybody care to boost their ego by thrashing the crash test dummy? I can whine with the best of them. Thanks, Ken
  7. I can PBEM if anyone cares to try it, and needs an opponent. I have no prefs on side, and can ususally do a turn a day. Sincerely, Ken
  8. There are some interesting stories in "An Army at Dawn" by Rick Atkinson, of the logistical nightmare of providing, accounting and shipping everything to North Africa across the ocean from the States. The tonnage required to sustain just one division in the field was incredible. Makes you wonder how it ever got done at all. For what it's worth, Ken
  9. I thought the Germans lost WW2 because Churchill (a.k.a. Terif) pumped the bid up and and got the Allies for 220 with the 1:5:20 bid system. I thought I saw this on the History Channel the other day... <checks TV Guide magazine> Sincerely, Sgt. Smart Butt
  10. Has anyone converted "Crown of Thorns" (Hill 112) into CMAK yet? Just curious. Ken
  11. Not to worry... You can play me a few more times to get your score back up. Sincerely, Your IP punching bag, Ken
  12. What's wrong with a bid system? Seems like it gave new life to SC1. Ken
  13. I just finished a TCP/IP game, and I don't have the save for the following... but this is what the Stug Tac-AI did. (The following took place with the smoke grapics turned off, without my realizing it... Duh) A Stug-G (not 100% sure on the "G") is lined up (Key-holed, but no cover-arc) with the anticipated approach of the enemy (both enemy armor at distance and infantry near). Ememy tanks at distance (approx 500 yd) do not show, so Stug targets enemy Inf near (250 yd). When enemy infantry are driven to ground (and disappear in rough... or is it smoke?) the Stug proceeds to area fire into the rough!!... Cool, that's great...but, Next turn I order Stug to rotate more to distant armor (it's already facing the correct way, I just want to get it perfect). I also order Cover/Armor arc, but... I don't realize there is a smoke screen immediately to my Stug's front, so... The Stug deletes the Cover/Armor arc and rotates away from the direction I orderd! Distant armor shows up and picks off Stug, now turned away from key-hole. I would have been better off leaving the Stug with the area fire target line on (since he was facing the threat with it on). I am guessing that the Stug switched to area fire because of the smoke (which I was unable to see, because I had somehow turned off the smoke grapics). I'm not sure why the Stug ignored the rotate order and cover/armor arc. Has anybody else seen an AFV ignore an order (possibly caused by smoke)? Thanks in advance, Ken
  14. Many thanks for the link. I can't afford the book, but the review was fun to read. I guess I'm not the only one who squirms a little when Ambrose goes "over-the-top". Ken *Edit* 'cause I kan't spell.
  15. I would be more interested in how well AFVs hide in relation to a moving, buttoned-up enemy vehicle at several hundred yards. I'd like to place my TDs in ambush positions on the flank of the (anticipated) enemy advance. Assuming the enemy infantry get suppressed and can't scout with the tanks, I might be able to get multiple shots from my TDs from ambush before being spotted. Has anybody run any tests on the spotting ability of buttoned-up tanks on "Hiding" AFVs? Ken
  16. He might not be asking about the Hot-Keys, as far as Hide Vehicle. Are you asking about the "Hide" Command from the Orders menu? I guess the best way to find out is set-up and play a Hot-Seat battle against yourself, with some select vehicles on "Hide"... or... maybe one of the grogs will show up to explain. Good question though... I'd like to "Hide" my Marders in scattered trees with a Cover-arc for armor, but I don't want them spotted and mortared to death in one turn either. Ken
  17. Good questions. I don't think Recon troops have any special in-game spotting abilities, but I am no expert. I wonder if they cover in-game ground faster because they carry less heavy weapons? Maybe some grogs will show up. Ken
  18. So... I'm not the only who has faced a Hi-Tech Guru. I always wondered how people get Level-2 jets and infantry by the fall of France. I am hoping the game designer can fix SC-2 to stop this nonsense. Ken
  19. You don't need no stink'n scouts. All you need to know will be provided for you in the briefing... Hehe Ken
  20. Thanks for your fast response on my questions about the Axis set-up. Most appreciated. Sincerely, Ken
  21. I've sent you an e-mail about some concerns I have for the German set-up. I won't discuss it here, so as not to spoil it for anyone else. Ken
  22. I like that idea... but maybe (for the sake of time savings in scenario/battle set-up) you could fly around the battlefield in the set-up phase only. Maybe they could incorporate this idea as an option, so BFC doesn't scare away first time buyers (beginners) of the game. Good idea MikeyD Sincerely, Ken
  23. Originally posted by Joachim: True. This issue can't be dealt with until the next game engine (at the earliest). Great idea. Sign this man up for the BFC design team! Screw the fancy graphics and fix the FOW/Borg, I say. That would fix all the Uber-tank purchasing... to find out your 50-60 ton heavy can't get over the 20 ton load rated bridge! My 2 cents, Ken
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