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  1. Duh.... Now you know the caliber of competition you are up against. Sincerely, Captain Unconscious
  2. I've tried to load a file (St. Ed's) from "OtherMeans", but I get a pop-up that says something like "This file meant for different version of CMBB" or some such alert. I don't recall ever seeing this before. Could this be a patch issue?... Or a bigger problem than what a patch could fix? I have CMBB v1.03 (purchased from battlefront). I live in the USA and have a Dell system (don't know if that matters) Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Ken
  3. Group 6 Opponents All my Axis turns have been sent out. You should receive a reply to your turns within 24 hours of your having sent them. If you don't hear back from me in 24-36 hours, then send me a wake-up call. Sometimes my e-mails sent seem to disappear into thin air, never reaching their intended destination. For what it's worth, you don't have to zip files for my benefit. Sincerely, Ken
  4. llama Thanks for bringing this scenario to my attention. I'd never even heard of it. I tried it (once, so far) and failed miserably. It would be even tougher against a human defender, no doubt. It's a fun scenario with a nice map. I think I would want an extra 10-15 turns to go against a human in this one. Sincerely, Ken
  5. Thanks for accepting my application. I'm looking forward to good battle. Cheers, Ken
  6. Doesn't the Battalion HQ unit in CM represent just the leader himself, his orderly and armed escort, etc.? Isn't there much more to a battalion HQ than this 8-man CM unit? Wouldn't there would be signals, staff, medics, etc. (all the support troops that don't normally see close combat)? Maybe some grogs can help. Thanks in advance, Ken
  7. That would be a big help for the AI. Instead of getting up (leaving a perfectly good defensive or tactical position) and walking around, they could stay put and guard their assigned area (without the visible give-away flag to blow their cover). Ken
  8. Thanks for the link. It worked just fine for me. Sincerely, Ken
  9. If anybody needs a PBEM opponent for this, then send me a set-up. I can usually do a turn a day, and more on weekends. *Found someone, thanks* Ken [ January 09, 2005, 03:49 PM: Message edited by: kenfedoroff ]
  10. Does anybody need an opponent for this? I can play either side. If you already have the scenario and need a PBEM crash-test dummy to pound on, then send me a set-up. I can usually do a turn a day, and more on weekends. *Found an opponent, thanks* Ken [ January 09, 2005, 03:50 PM: Message edited by: kenfedoroff ]
  11. Well... One shameless plug deserves another. I've been attempting to model the counter-attack scheme discussed here, in my scenarios as well... But I need play-testers. Over at The Proving Grounds web-site, I've put up 3 scenarios I started in CMBO, but then converted (thanks Pyewacket) and finished in CMAK. Panzer Commander Steel Inferno Press On, Regardless I've also posted some CMBB scenarios as well. If anyone has time to playtest them, then I would be most grateful. Cheers, Ken
  12. Alright! An actual witness to the video. Did they have actual interviews with the participants?... Or was it more of a documentary? (whatever that means). Did they actually walk the ground with the participants?.... Okay Kenny.... calm down... take a deep breath..... Thanks, Ken
  13. Hello Grogs, In a book called "Panzer Commander" by Hans von Lucke? (I believe), he mentioned that years after the battle, he had some input with the British Army as far as a movie they (British War College?) were making about said battle. My question(s) is this... Is this movie (Operation Goodwood) available to the public? Has anybody ever seen this movie?... and is it worth buying if available? Thanks in advance, Ken
  14. Will there be a problem with my converted maps because I converted to CMAK v1.01, and then created/rebuilt scenario with CMAK v1.03? Just wondered... Do I need to wait for map converter update? Thanks, Ken
  15. This Map Converter is Totally Freakin' Awesome!!! Even a dummy like me can convert his old unfinished CMBO scenarios to CMAK and finish them in the new format! Whoot! Thanks Pyewacket.... Wherever you are. Sincerely, Ken
  16. I've downloaded the map converter. What's the best place to unzip and run this tool? Should I create a new folder in program files? Maybe some of the experienced map converters could help me out? Thanks in advance, Ken
  17. If anybody wants to PBEM play-test this scenario, then drop me a line. I don't care which side. I can usually do a turn a day, and more on weekends. Ken
  18. LOL You could hear that all the way over to your side of town? Hehe.
  19. I was playing a CMAK Op a while back, and I also noticed the opening camera shot for each turn would default back to a camera shot from the beginning of that particular battle (was never sure if it was from Set-up or the first turn, etc.). It just seemed to be stuck on that opening view... it had no effect on play. For what it's worth. Ken
  20. Bingo-Bango... Baby! Thanks man! I'm back up and running v1.01, sending PBEM turns hither and yon... My wife thanks you as well. She doesn't care to be around little Kenny when he's having one of his "Can't play Combat Mission Melt-downs". Cheers, Ken
  21. It's going from bad to worse! I un-installed CMAK, but now the drive won't read my disk.... Ack! It reads CMBB and a back-up disk (unfortunately, it's not a CMAK back-up) I found laying around, just fine... but not CMAK. I don't see any dirt or scratches on the disk either... Hmmm... Time to curl up into the fetal position and twitch. Ack! Ken
  22. It happened to me too. They have stopped v1.02 and are now working on v1.03 to fix this. Ken
  23. Hello, I thought I had saved my version of CMAK by re-naming it "CMAK_v101.exe", before I did the patch. Now I am wondering just which icon (in my Battlefront folder) I snatched and renamed. Anyways... What is the best way to get back to CMAK v1.01 so I can keep my PBEM turns going until v1.03 gets sorted out? What happens if I un-install and re-install CMAK? Can I save the v1.01 patch in my Battlefront folder to a safe place (wherever that is... would that be a floppy disc?), and then un-install/re-install CMAK, and then use the saved v1.01 patch? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks in advance if you can help. Sincerely, Ken
  24. I thought if I saved CMAK as "CMAK_101.exe" before I did the patch to (v1.02), I could still open CMAK as v1.01 and still play opponents who didn't care to upgrade.... But when I click on the .exe file I created, it asks me what I want to open the program with. Anybody else have this happen? Sincerely, "Confused"
  25. I have just experienced the same problem as described above.... I get a prompt for opponents password rather than a chance to save as PBEM. Sincerely, Ken
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