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  1. Hi Ken

    I think I played PBEM with you, your name rings a bell. Your a good player. If you want to play CMBN PBEM...... PM me. I would love to play some PBEM games with you. :)

    I haven't played any of the old stuff at home for ages and that was on different computer. But i will load up my CD's and let you know. You know I loved the old stuff too but I think once you get a taste of CM2 (CMBN) you won't go back. Well maybe you will... i still play CMBO at work cause it don't require a install that IT doesn't approve of. I think CMBB is like that too. But I tried CMAK, CMSF demo and IT blocked it. The bloody barbarians. How dare they expect me to be productive at work.

    My computer is:

    AMD Athlon II X4 620 2.61GHz

    Motherboad: Gigabyte MA785GMT-UD2H

    RAM: 8 gig


    All this is in a big huge case with lots of ventilation and a big honkin power supply. :) I got one of the IT nerds at work to throw it together for me. He aint a gamer but he is the nerdy type that likes all this computer hardware stuff so he had some idea what i was looking for. I suppose he could have a built me a bigger faster fancier beast if I had gave him more cash. But all want to play is CM and that's all i play and so far it plays it well. So if you can find something similar you should do well.

    I got the sound running into a NAD 3020 integrated amplifier which feed two Paradigm export monitor speakers. The neighbors lover me. :)

    Hi Medex,

    I am stuck with my old computer rig from 2005 right now (so I haven't even bothered to DL the new CM:BN).

    I am all over the forums asking questions about what video cards people are using, as I gather information for the purchase of an up-to-date computer and monitor.

    I just started playing the CMSF demo that has been sitting on my hard-drive since gawd knows when. It looks like fun since it has We-Go (in the demo, at least).

    I look forward to hearing how the old CMx1 plays with the newer video cards. If they can't handle smoke and weather effects, then that would be disappointing.

    Everyone has been a great help so far. I am getting an education on new rigs.



  2. Hi guys,

    Thanks for all the very down-to-earth advice from everyone.

    I love this forum. Everyone here has some good ideas that they have acquired through years of experience, and they aren't afraid to share them.

    btw, the only reason I was sticking with nVidea was because that's what I have in my latest Dell (from 2005) rig, and it is able to generate the fog graphics, etc., for CMx1, that I have heard some graphic cards don't support (not sure about that).

    I still have a lot of good Combat Mission gaming opponents over at The Blitz site that still play a lot of CMx1, so I want to be able to continue for a while with CMBB and CMAK, while I come up to speed with the new CM:BN.

    With a new rig, I also might try the CMSF series as well, as the Demo looks interesting, but my rig doesn't support the graphics as well as many of the screen-shots for CMSF that I see posted around this forum site.

    Thanks again,


  3. An off the shelf Dell XPS with a decent videocard and 4GM Ram should be fine. (But, Dell uses cheap components which is why I have mine custom built nowadays - the quality of components makes a big difference imo.)

    Thanks for quick answers, guys.

    I had good luck with my previous Dells (my current rig is from 2005), so I wondered why some people were so down on their desktops. I wasn't aware that they may have skimped on their components since then, as well as making it more difficult to swap parts for upgrades.



  4. That's why I specifically ordered a fast single-core machine as most games (that I want to play) still don't take advantage of multicore. Maybe in 5 years...

    Is there an "off-the-shelf" system you can recommend for the old CMx1, as well as the new CM:BN...?

    ...or would I be looking at custom gaming machines...? I still like my old CMBB and CMAK, but want to play the new CM:BN, as well...



  5. ...If you want a computer that lasts you a while get a perfectly normal ATX mid-tower with a regular power supply and get a quality and powerful PSU right now. It protects your computer and your data.

    Also, I wouldn't use a desktop that doesn't at least have RAID1 these days. In particular not if you play games like CMBN which will permanently lose a license on a HD crash.

    Hi Redwolf,

    Thanks for the advice on the monitor, Gpu, PSU, etc.

    Is there any chance you could offer specific "off-the-shelf" examples that would work well with CMX1 and play CM:BN, as well, or would I be looking for an outfit here in Michigan, USA that can custom build a PC...?

    Am I looking in the wrong place when I look for an "off-the-shelf" solution...?

    Thanks in advance to all,


  6. ...As it stands your 420 will hold you back a tad in graphic heavy games like Crysis 2 if you play those, although on the plus side that monitor will keep resolution down, which will help improve framerates. But it's a good setup.

    Thanks Phil,

    I don't play the heavy-duty first person shooters, But I do want something that can make the old CM scream, and still keep up with CMBN and future add-ons...

    Best regards,


  7. Hi guys,

    I'm glad I found this thread.

    I want to continue to play my old CMBB and CMAK, but am looking to get another mid-range Dell to play the new CMBN, as well.

    I am looking at a Dell XPS8300 that has the following:


    Intel I5-2400 (6MB Cache,3.1 GHz)

    Operating System:

    Win 7 Home Premium 64Bit


    ST2220L 21.5-inch Full HD Widescreen Monitor


    8GB DDR3 SDRAM at 1333MHz-4 DIMMS

    Hard Drive:

    1.5TB-SATA-II, 3Gb/s, 7,200 RPM, 32MB Cache

    Optical Drive:

    16X CD/DVD Burner

    Video Card:



    Soundblaster X-Fi Xtreme audio

    Etc., etc, etc.

    As I know nothing of computers, and plan on having this new rig, as is, for 5-7 years...

    Do you think the above system would keep up with the planned modules and upgrades that should come out for CMBN over the next few years...?

    Any suggestions...? (I've had good luck with Dell so far).

    Thanks in advance,


  8. Hi guys,

    Thanks for your help (and quick response).

    I forgot to ask... when I order my new rig, I want to get a new monitor, as well.

    I was happy with the 21" flat-screen monitor that shipped with my old Dell, other than it seemed to retain/bleed old terrain images over time.

    I am considering going bigger (if such a unit exists for the desk-top), but want to avoid any image retention on the screen.

    Can anyone weigh in with what they are happy with, or perhaps... what I should avoid...?

    Thanks again,


  9. I just put together a new rig not only for gaming but for some web development work, but I have to admit CM:SF and CM:A scream on it with all the highest details and shadows, plus it runs CMAK, and CMBB without any graphic (text) issues... plus it kicks ars with Adobe CS5 suite...

    Phenon II 955 Quad (3.2)

    MSI 870A-GS4 Motherboard with SATA3

    16GB PC12800/1600MHz memory

    Geforce GTX 560 Duel Head upgraded 2GB ram

    (2) 2TB Seagate 6GB 7200 SATA3 64mb (Raid 0) w UHD Cooler - Fanless with Heatpipes

    Sound Blaster X-FI Extreme PCI

    LG Blue Ray / Lightscribe DVD Burner SATA Combo


    Duel Case FAns 120MMx2

    This thread is interesting to me, as I know nothing about computers.

    I want to purchase a new new system that will play my old CMBB and CMAK games, but will handle the new Combat Mission game (and make them all scream, as well).

    Since I play only "We-Go" style Combat Mission (no time for other games), which of the above example is most important for purchasing a new system...? (Bear in mind, other than surfing the web, I don't use my computer for much else).

    My old Dell is getting long in the tooth, and wonder if anybody offers an off the shelf package suitable for the above. I see Dell offers computers for gamers, but I'm not sure I need alienware type stuff to make it happen.

    Thanks in advance,


  10. Well... my DeadWings have certainly had the Puck-Luck go their way. Lots of lucky bounces off the goalie and goalposts. Several non-calls by the refs, some resulting in scores. The Pens are really getting frustrated.

    How about that Malkin meltdown at the end of Game-2...? No suspension for instigator, however.

    Game-3 on the Pens ice should be a barn-burner...!



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