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  1. I heard Space Lobsters so I figured I'd resurrect my account. And the index card is in the mail.
  2. Hmm... at just under a gig, I will have to leave the bunker and go find a WiFi hotspot so I can continue in my quest for the best. Sheesh, I may have to move to where I can actually get a decent internet connection for this.
  3. I think he gotten taken by surprise on a few LOS challenges he thought he had against Big Kitty but actually did not. LOS is hard in open space under heat of battle.
  4. Wow, that LOS reversal on the TD is interesting. Good for you. Do you have a sitrep on what you think you are facing now? Against what you have destroyed?
  5. Lurker standards are quite high! Eh, go for longevity and total posts! LOL
  6. Within a turn, wow, did not follow that. But blowing towards the enemy might offer some sort of diversion, confusion? No?
  7. I hope you are looking for a good place to sit that Big Kitty for a while. Trudging through the woods, off roading, are you not worried about bogging down man?
  8. We won the battles, we lost the wars. And some would argue our own peoples trust, hearts and minds in the process.
  9. I thought it was middle earth until the last screen shot. That is a lot of work!
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