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  1. I heard Space Lobsters so I figured I'd resurrect my account. And the index card is in the mail.
  2. Hmm... at just under a gig, I will have to leave the bunker and go find a WiFi hotspot so I can continue in my quest for the best. Sheesh, I may have to move to where I can actually get a decent internet connection for this.
  3. The guy on the right never got the memo on shoe polish for his zipper. He will obviously aid the enemy with the reflection.
  4. I'd like to see another AAR before release to sway my decision to purchase this game. The one just conducted was fantastic. Thanks.
  5. I think he gotten taken by surprise on a few LOS challenges he thought he had against Big Kitty but actually did not. LOS is hard in open space under heat of battle.
  6. I think they outfoxed each other on their own force selections. That is where the battle truly occurred.
  7. Bill has admitted "white whale syndrome". Alas, he is sickened and doomed. He will attack the flank at last contact point.
  8. Exactly! Speed and Shermans. One - It will be unexpected. Two- He knows it (Big Kitty) is backing out and Three- The infantry will not have time to react. I expect Bill to move his M36 forward, start shelling the woods, and dash the Shermans into harms way.
  9. Time has got to be on Bill's side. All he needs to do is pull back and relax. Course, he appears to want big Kitty. I expect a mad rush from both sides just to stir things up,
  10. Just a few minutes ago, it appears that might be the case with that TD that got KO'd by big Kitty.
  11. Wow, that LOS reversal on the TD is interesting. Good for you. Do you have a sitrep on what you think you are facing now? Against what you have destroyed?
  12. All these fancy new machines do is mask poor programming techniques with the newbies who try to code. ROTFL
  13. Lurker standards are quite high! Eh, go for longevity and total posts! LOL
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