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  1. Sorry for butchering the BAOR acronym 😁 I mearly ment the Danes were neighbouring British forces so it would be logic to include in the same module. πŸ™‚ Did the Danes have forward tasks south of the Danish border so to speak or am I remembering that wrong? Maybe we should take that in pm's as to not derail this thread? I'd appriciate tips on reading on the subject. πŸ™‚
  2. As much as I'd love the Swedish forces inclusion in a module, it would only really make sense as a part of a north Norway scenario where the Soviets does a "south hook" through nothern Finland and Sweden to flank the NATO forces in northern Norway. USMC, UK & Dutch Marines and Canadians along with Finnish and Swedish forces. Soviets get Naval infantry and VDV. Biggus Modulus that one. πŸ™ƒ Sweden as a seperate module timeline; When hell have frozen over thrice. But reasearching the TO&E isnt a showstopper at least... 😁 Danes could be included along with BOAR as they had tasks in northern Germany iirc. Same module could have the Polish forces, including their Naval infantry.
  3. I'm sure "the internet" would love to get "their" hands on those as pdfs 😁
  4. Yeah the isolation aka stay "neutral" "or else" via threat of nuking was a very likley, the Soviets was well aware of how our politicians worked/work... On the other hand all Soviet plans for any thrusts west into Europa involved liberal use of tactical nukes pretty much mooting CW game scernarios that people like us like to play out in wargames like Combat Mission. πŸ™ƒπŸ˜ Image source: http://www.kalla-kriget.se/ .
  5. I'll just leave these here... πŸ™ƒ Image source: http://www.kalla-kriget.se/
  6. See below to reveal the release date... 😁
  7. Order placed! 😎 Now its just a waiting game till "Stormakt RΓΆd anfaller frΓ₯n vΓ€nster sida av fΓ€ltet!" (Great Power Red attacks from the left side of the field) 🀩
  8. @HerrTom You missed "The War That Never Was" by Michael A Palmer (3rd from top) A favourite from my youth. πŸ™‚ Wonder if I can find it in the attic ... πŸ€” Anyway, thats a neat collection. πŸ‘ Going to look into a few of those.
  9. I had an R/C version of this Porche 911 Police car as a kid. Stearing broke so it could only make left hand turns...πŸ™ƒ
  10. So PASGT are out side the timeframe then? Intro in 1983'ish? Anyway, these look really good @MikeyD Nice work. [Edit for dropping words left , right and center]
  11. Excellent video! 😎 The muzak just oozes of the 80's πŸ₯°
  12. This is going to scratch an itch of mine! 😁 Been hoping for this for years!
  13. @BornGinger Thanks! I'll take alook around in the files and see if I can get it to work. ☺️
  14. As related to the above and the linked discussion, I was watching Usually Hapless Firefight 1 YT video and noticed that one of the casulty animations is face down on the belly . This could serve as a replacment for the "baby curl" cowering animation as per standard. So my question is; Are casaulty animations specified for each pose having its own file or is it one file that get randomized from with several diffrent outcomes?
  15. And sturrrrrrrrrrrrrrm they do. Look at 'em go!
  16. Have there been any TO&E posted for Fire and Rubble ala the one on the base games store page?
  17. http://www.baesystems.se/hagglunds/brochure/cv9035markiii.pdf Thats a Mark III, not sure if it's eqvivalent to the NL version in game, but that info broschure put ammo as 2x35 ready rounds plus typical stowage as 140 rounds.
  18. I've seen that one of the scenarios, at least, from the demo is available for the full game as a dl but I've had no luck in trying to import the demo scenario files with copy and past. They show up in the mission editor, but I've not managed to resave them to get them to work that way either. It's the DEMO Training Mission.btt that I'd like to run in the full game as I found it a fun little mission to learn to play in real time with. And I prefer platoon or company seize scenarios overall. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong here?
  19. Uh oh, the SF2 AI have become self-teaching, SKYNET protocol initiated....time to head for the bunker!😲 😱
  20. Oh goody, these threads are almost better than playing the game itself. 😎
  21. I'd cast my vote for Early war too. Always found that period more interesting than the late war scenario.
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