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  1. Welcome aboard As zmoney said, email is best point of contact (and vital for email games ) -- shoot us a message, all contact data is on profile
  2. If he hadnt pulled up he'd have given the narrator a clip down to his waist.....
  3. Well, what else would you do with it? </font>
  4. GD suicidal jockeys, messing with an irreplaceable warbird like that!
  5. ** Pictures the closing moments of the Battle of Hoth with rebels being squashed like ants..... :eek: Uh huh, underdogs indeed Their biggest problem might be hosing off the treads later.....
  6. Chuck Yeager mentions flying the 262 against the P-80 in comparison tests in his biography, and the 2 aircraft had nearly identical performance. The only difference being the 262's swept-wing design giving the edge in near-transonic regimes. The swept wing concept would be properly employed on the F-86 (and the MiG 15..)
  7. Something about the whining roar of a Rolls-Merlin that just brings a tear to your eye The fact that they power two of the sweetest fighters of the war (Spit, Mustang B -onward) probably doesnt hurt either Oh, PTO deserves mention (for the P+W R2800 guys ) Hellcat - Ensigns airplane, easy to handle, designed specifically to kill the Zero Corsair - Ensign Eliminator but it wasnt nicknamed whistling death for nothing...
  8. You bastard! Get back here with that panzerfaust!!
  9. Yeah 5"/38s at 100m make swiss cheese out of even BB armour :eek: (vertical armour anyways) You gotta love the DD guys, exchanging everything from main battery to .45 sidearm fire with a Battleship as you steam past at 30+ knots
  10. Psst, Atlanta-class CL's had 5"/38s; 15 x 6" I think you're thinking of a Brooklyn-class And in The Brawl, both Atlantas didnt do so good (mind you, no one was unscuffed , except USS Fletcher ) with Atlanta pounded by both IJN and friendly fire and sinking later, and Juneau getting her back broke by a long lance, and later obliterated by SS torp while retiring. Gotta love those monster Long Lances though, serious force-multipliers
  11. USN BuOrd, who for years ignored the reports from the Pacific of the faulty exploder on the Mk14 Torpedo. "You dont expect us to actually TEST them do you?? Do you know how much they cost???" Oy.....
  12. punt! Seriously, Jeeps vs Giants , probably the greatest display of heroism in WW2 by the United States Navy. If anyone knows anyone in Hollywood, THIS is a story that needs to be told and given a proper modern CGI treatment Salute! Oh, for further fighter-pilot nominees, Hans-Joachim Marseille; 158 victories, all against the western allies. KIA when his chute failed to open after a bad bail/inflight engine fire. Kacha's Luftwaffe Page has some great stuff
  13. *you dont see a skunkworks here.... uh, I dont see any skunkworks here.... * you want to go home and play more CMAK I want to go home and play more CMAK....
  14. "bad things happen" should be a seperate thread Worst I've experienced was having a mortar shell score a 3-point basket (no rim) into the open hatch of my sole Panther :eek: I think I spent about 3 min staring at the burning wreck.......
  15. Anyone ever have a damaged building disintegrate when firing a zook? I seem to remember a screenshot of that happening once in CMBO
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