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  1. After downloading the new 355.81 drivers everything works as normal again. The scale shrunk but that can be fixed, it's working as intended. btw, dont know if it matters or not but have been running triple screens for some time. That might have something to do with the wonky scaling of the new drivers.
  2. I had the exact same problem....some graphical issue I think. WHen I Ctnl+Tab out and hover over the game icon in the task bar, I can see what is "supposed" to be shown on the screen. I click the icon to go back in the game and its all black. (Also have Windows 10 Pro installed) I right clicked the .exe and chose "troubleshoot compatability" and followed the prompts. Selecting compatability mode for Windows 8 and it was the same problem. Then I went through the prompts and I chose the last time it worked...Windows 7 64 bit. After choosing THAT compatability mode the game graphics displ
  3. No perhaps to it, I didn't have them at all when I first activated. I purchased RT before the headphones. But whats weird is that, as I said, I've used the headphones with the game before without issue. But anyway, thanks for the help and I'll chalk it up to lesson learned. Maybe the driver has been updated since I bought them? Maybe thats it....
  4. Holy crap. I just found it. After typing in the bit about something plugged into the USB I deselected my Sennheiser headphones as my default devise and made it Realtek Digital Out. The game started like it should. I quit the game and reselected the headphones as default and I got the error. Reselected my on-board (the realtek digital out) and the game started like it should again. This problem has been such a pain in my a** for so long, I don't know whether to laugh or cry that it was such a simple thing. I'm assuming the Sennheiser driver (which has been installed for a year) should
  5. Windows update is in automatic mode, so yes updates are installed on a roughly weekly basis. How many of those are drivers I don't know. I have updated my video drivers but not since I used the tool. I have a wireless router but this machine is plugged in with ethernet. Let me ask you this; is there a way that the error might occur because of something plugged into a USB? That's the only thing I can think of at this point.
  6. Got the tool, installed the tool and everything worked as intended. I re-entered my original key and the game started like it should. I got my pbems out that had been sitting dormant for weeks. Tonight I started the game to turn out some pbems and I get THAT DAMN ERROR 209 AGAIN!!! WTF?? Nothing has changed with my pc, it's the same machine I built 3 1/2 years ago. Same memory sticks, same hard drives, same video card...same friggen keyboard and mouse. WHy the hell am I having so much trouble with this particular error?
  7. After updating my RT to 1.03 2 of my 3 pbem games refused to load past 26% and would crash. In order to try to rectify that situation, I uninstalled and reinstalled CM Red Thunder. After starting RT for the first time after the reinstall I get this error 209: FingerPrint mismatch. "It seems there was a problem with your license." ERROR 209: FingerPrint mismatch Contact us for further assistance (below that it says) "Please enter a serial key to fix this error." When I enter the serial key that was sent when I purchased the game It states "Invalid Serial Number" So n
  8. With my PBEMS I talked about above, the games were not started in 1.03. I patched to 1.03 and the issue then started with those pbem games. One other thing, I did uninstall and re-install CMRT and now I have nothing. I get a window that states; "It seems there was a problem with your license." ERROR 209: FingerPrint mismatch Contact us for further assistance (below that it says) "Please enter a serial key to fix this error." When I enter the serial key It states "Invalid Serial Number" So now I'm completely dead in the water. No pbems and no playing the AI
  9. I'm with you Doug. I never had any problems with the 26% bug until I installed this 1.03 patch. Silly me thinking I should keep everything patched up. I played 6 or 7 pbems without any issues what so ever. After the patch, 2 of the 3 pbems I was playing crash the game at 26%. The one game that works is against an opponent I'm playing in another of the three games that won't load. Same version of RT on his end, one pbem works and one pbem will not load. What the hell? Never had a problem before this. Been a month and I still can't get the damn thing working....keep checking battlefront
  10. I never had the 26% bug till I installed patch 1.03 Now when I try to load a pbem, it gets to 26% then quits. It loaded the first pbem ok, but hasn't gotten past 26% since then.
  11. No, I closed the error pop-up before it went to sleep. Maybe my anti-virus did it? It scanned early this morning (like 2am or so) that's the only thing that has occurred since it wouldn't run. Wonder if it was a malware or something? Trying to steal peoples keys? Surely there's a plethora of other things more profitable than stealing Combat Mission keys lol
  12. Nope, non of that although this morning my DSL went down for a while...think it could have something to do with AT&T's network? But like I said, it's working fine now.
  13. And just like that, everything is working fine again. Didn't restart my computer or anything....just woke it up this afternoon and CMRT started like normal. Weird.
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