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  1. I haven't yet wrote my AAR's, but I will try to make them after the holidays... I have a slight problem, coz I play at work too (don't tell anyone). At this point my turn files are in two computers and I have to move all my files to my home computer, so I can make an accurate AAR. Cheers, Ali
  2. Hi Frunze! Good point! Yes there where troops at the side (okay, they were in the middle, but side of the right side road), but they were given away when they tried to shoot my HT's. Even a Shrek couldn't fire at the Halftracks coz they where driving too fast. Not a single shot was fired. Trucks came in so late, that they were out of the danger zone. I already had scouted right side at that time. Cheers, Ali
  3. This was my favorite scenario and only one where I could do my favorite mission, Attack! When you attack, you always have the ball in your corner. You decide where you want battle to take place and defender tries to guess where you're coming from. I chose to ram trough the right side road (from allied view). I'll post my AAR to later, but let me say that in this scenario I did my best and luckiest move with my greyhound. I will remember it for a long time. I did drove it to the end of the map and took out a JdgPIV with side shot from 20 metres or so... Left road is too risky IMO. That
  4. I agree, night fights are pain! Outcome is always a mystery. Still I don't believe that front gate would have worked or would be a best choice. I had foxholes placed near the gate and MG placed on the building so that it couldn't be seen from the wall, deep inside the building only facing the gate IIRC. Wise defender can place troops so that wall don't help. Suppress fire from attacking MG may still rattle the defender inside the building, but odds are still on defenders side IMO. I've seen what defending splitted squad can do in the dark. And MG can be protected with more troops inside a
  5. I will make my AAR's later, but here are my thoughts about Lab Rats. I agree with Holien that it was a pity that this night fight decided the victory ...Though I would have whipped you in another scenario anyway H Just kidding Coming through the front gate wouldn't have worked against me (atleast I think so). I though you were coming from that direction and I had MG + platoon leader + squad + half squad guarding that entrance. Main thing for defender is to know where attacker is coming. There was too few troops to cover all the area so I had to split troops and try fin
  6. Santa didn't leave me without presents Thanks for all the organizers, sponsors and my fellow gamers who made this excellent tournament possible. See you all in CMBB... Cheers, Ali
  7. Hi H! Santa lives here in Finland (in Korvatunturi) and he certainly will not leave before we Finns get the presents! Cheers, Ali
  8. Hi H! I think that our section have played all games (unless Capt and Lopis has unfinished game?). Curiosity is killing me, and I like to see do I have a chance Cheers, Ali
  9. Hi lads! KR is absolutely right. Please don't reveal what scenario you're talking about. Not that I thought you would TB155: is there any scoresheet done so far? If so, I'd like to get my hands on it BTW, when is deadline in this one? Cheers, Ali
  10. Yeah, all games finished! Now it's time for a little break...until CMBB tournaments begin... Scenarios were good and I had fun! Thanks to all opponents and Tournament organizers Cheers, Ali
  11. Lopaka, did you get my last move I sent last week? If you're just busy, then ignore this message Just making sure I have sent you the last turn. Cheers, Ali
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