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  1. I believe so. I am not aware of any way to cheat the game or when playing another opponent.
  2. Mac installer won't pass the verification step when trying to run it on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.1. Any ideas? I'm referring to the installer package downloaded from the link in the original post on this thread.
  3. Good question! If I might add another. From the look of your latest graphic, could your 2 Shermans be at risk to the AT assets of Baneman's split squad (as it appears they are about to, or already have, entered the woods on your left flank)? Great AR!!!
  4. Hi Bill, I've followed much of what you've published, and enjoyed following your AARs. I have a few questions. Assuming the two recon teams will be initially assigned to separate sectors, and will operate somewhat independently of each other, will you attach elements of the Hellcat unit to each team, or will you initially keep the Hellcats together as a single unit. And, regarding teams Hunt & Kill, will they be deployed to separate sectors, or kept as a central reserve to be used together or independently when the opportunity presents itself. Thanks! Joe
  5. Hey guys, thanks for the responses. My one-at-a-time philosophy seems to be in the minority. Is there anybody out there that plays just one at a time? My time constraints are probably about the same as most people. A wife, kids activities, and an 8 to 5 job. Still, by playing only one game, I can almost always guarantee I'll make one move each night. Thirty turn games move pretty well that way, and are generally over in 20-25 days. As for the time it takes me to make a move, I generally start out thinking I'll have this one done in about 20 mins, but when I hit the send button, I realize a f
  6. Just wondering what the general concensus is out there re playing one PBEM at a time, vs having more than one going at once. I've never played more than one at a time. Playing only one game, it becomes all consuming as I put a lot of my idle time thought into it. I've found this to be quite enjoyable, and it has often payed off in the outcome of the game. I know a lot of you like to play a number of games at once, but I gotta think this takes away from your ability to put all your marbles into the one effort. Do you one-at-a-time players win more often, or does the multi-game player get more
  7. Sorry. I just noticed that you asked for SIMPLE instructions. There aren't any.
  8. After you start the pgm, hit the BMP mapping button to get a list of numbered resources, and the files that they live in. These files have names like "Graphics 1", "Graphics 2", etc., and they live in your CM "Data" folder. The mods normally come in a .zip file, and can be expanded with Stuffit Expander which can be downloaded from the Aladdin web site at www.aladdinsys.com. When the zip file is expanded, a folder is created in the same directory, and should contain a number of .bmp files. These are the mods, and each mod is named something like 1550.bmp. The number before the .bmp extension i
  9. Hey Andy, I'm a little too busy right now, but if you send me your e-mail address, I'll get back to you as soon as I get some free time. I can also pass it on to a guy in your time zone who would probably be interested. JTimoteo@mac.com
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