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  1. I believe so. I am not aware of any way to cheat the game or when playing another opponent.
  2. Mac installer won't pass the verification step when trying to run it on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.1. Any ideas? I'm referring to the installer package downloaded from the link in the original post on this thread.
  3. Good question! If I might add another. From the look of your latest graphic, could your 2 Shermans be at risk to the AT assets of Baneman's split squad (as it appears they are about to, or already have, entered the woods on your left flank)? Great AR!!!
  4. Hi Bill, I've followed much of what you've published, and enjoyed following your AARs. I have a few questions. Assuming the two recon teams will be initially assigned to separate sectors, and will operate somewhat independently of each other, will you attach elements of the Hellcat unit to each team, or will you initially keep the Hellcats together as a single unit. And, regarding teams Hunt & Kill, will they be deployed to separate sectors, or kept as a central reserve to be used together or independently when the opportunity presents itself. Thanks! Joe
  5. I'm hoping my first h2h game is not an accurate predictor of CMBS. After 2 turns, it appears to be the opposite of the above quote. Playing a Meeting Engagement QB as the U.S., against an opponent I have found tough to beat, the game appears to be over. As the U.S. player, I believe all the Russian tanks, have been knocked out, and the Russian infantry have suffered numerous casualties. I've lost just 3 of my infantry. Much of this damage was done by my Bradleys. Backing this up are some one-on-one tests I've run (at 1000m) using Bradleys against Russian T-90AMs (with APS). In all cases
  6. Good point. Your counter would cost me dearly in one game I played where I repeatedly used the smoke technique I described to cross a street with a light tank located about 60m further down the same street. For best results one has to wait the full turn, so the smoke develops, before sending his moving units across the open area. This will give his opponent the opportunity for the area fire.
  7. I have used the pop smoke command for offensive movements. Generally employing all the above suggestions. 1. Don't move the unit popping the smoke 2. Select that unit and give it a Face command in the direction you want the smoke thrown. 3. With the unit still selected, choose the pop smoke command 4. Give moving units a pause command of at least 30 seconds (45 if the smoke popping unit needs to adjust it's facing)
  8. OK, it just made a liar out of me. I started the game twice, selected the basic training campaign, and took a long look at the initial briefing, then was able to click OK, and proceed to the first scenario briefing and the setup turn with out issue. This is the first time it has worked. Prior to this, I've been able to crash it consistently every time.
  9. StormDog - I'm not sure why the game will crash on you if you spend any time looking at the Briefing. Is this with any briefing or will you get a crash only if you go to the next page of a briefing ? In my case, it doesn't seem to matter which screen of the initial briefing I am on. If I stick around in the briefing screens for any length of time, the game quits.
  10. I have a Late 2008 Macbook pro, and I have a similar problem in that when I get to the briefing screen, the game just quits. I found that if you don't spend any time on that screen, but rather hit the continue button (or whatever it is titled) quickly, I can proceed to the game without further issue.
  11. "Puzzling as it should have been version 1.0.3 straight from the CD." Pretty certain I did this. I know I saw 1.0 in bottom right of startup screen. "I just tried the company site and it seems like I could download the mac patches" Yes, I tried it after reading your post, and it finally worked for me also. Reinstalled from CD, and applied patches in order, now all I have to do is reboot into OS9, and give er a try. Thanks for your replys. Joe
  12. Could be as simple as the terrain square caught fire. Hmmm. Never saw snow burn before though.
  13. Could be as simple as the terrain square caught fire. Hmmm. Never saw snow burn before though.
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