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  1. Dear addicts, if you go to Munster, please tell me the date, I´ll be there with another true follower of CMBB. Been to Munster once, but I´ve not seen the Sturmtiger yet. I´m sitting in northern germany, Schleswig Holstein, near Kiel.
  2. I also play with one of my oldest friends four to five turns a day. Most of the others are on a one, two turns a day basis. So slacker really isnt approbiate. Its more like ... 06:00 get out of bed 06:30 make turns that come over night 07:00 work 12:00 make turns that my old friend send 12:30 work 16:00 till oh, well ... too late says the wifey phoning some off the unlucky ones, which live close enough to me, harrass them to send the f%$!ing turn back. And, Mr. Mike the Wino, I demand a game with you, showing who is the slacker ...
  3. ... I´ve just checked, for the last four month I never had less than five games running simultaneous. I´ve played : two germans, seven americans ( US ), two canadians, one este, one french, three english, one brasilian, four finns and two spain. Against some of the guys I´m playing since nov. 2001, sending everyday one turn. This game is truly addictive.
  4. You will see and experience everything as good as it gets with a 9700. BTW, can't reply to a Mr. Noobie post without saying how much I love your mods! :cool: </font>
  5. Yeah, I know I´m a gamey bastiche ... But its against my oldest, dearest friend, we play together since schooldays. And he is a big fan of the Tiger, thinking nothing can stop that kitten. I´ll prove him ...
  6. Hi all, I´ve been toying with the following settings : oct 42, axis assault, 5000 points, axis armor only,allies unrestricted 1500 points,rarity is off, map is Wassilyevka Ax As from Biltongs excellent map pack. As the allied side I´ve bought ten trenches, ten ZIS-2 atg, ten F-22 guns, six tankhunters and ten antitankmines . Deploying my guns inside the trenches and building blocks, consisting two F-22 or two ZIS-2 in one trench, leaving me with five F-22 trenches and five ZIS-2 trenches. Placed all trenches in woods and slopes , guns hiding.The F-22 elements go near the german p
  7. Hi all, downloaded the US patch for my US version, worked fine. Downloaded german patch for my german version, patched,no 1.02 readme, no new version number, same old CombatMission2.exe . German only patch doesnt work for me. Now downloading the multilingual patch. Thank god, I have the US version . [ February 14, 2003, 07:27 AM: Message edited by: Scheer ]
  8. Of course I could have lost , because I suck as a strategician ...
  9. Hi all, Ive just played an armour only 1250 points ME against the AI +2, computer bought forces, on a very high recommended map named Manstein Fork ME VERY good map for tanks battles, great map pack. Anyway the AI killed my nine T34/43 and my five T 60 in 34 turns. AI only looses three Pz III ... Very nice. God, I just love CMBO and CMBB, Battlefront rules !!!
  10. I second that. Seen the flick in school in history. Very moving. And great scenes with M4 Shermans.
  11. I think you mean the " Kaetzchen " , ( kitten ). However it was not based on the Pz38 chassis, it was a complete new design from Auto-Union. There were only two prototypes,of this one was captured by american troops.
  12. Most interesting. Is this really the case ? Can you cite sources, please ? Having a kinda backup HQ would be nice ...
  13. Hi all, I think all in 2/4 will continue and I trust these gentlemen I have the honor to play. And, as the others said, we´re all pretty deep in the scenarios so FOW is not to much compromised, because we know now anyway, what we are up against.
  14. Here is a short update for section 2/4 ... Scheer vs Sgt. Gold - The beast - finished James Crowley vs Scheer - Xmas - turn 15 Scheer vs JPS - Hosszupalyi - turn 14 Nidan1 vs Scheer - Rearguard action - turn 15 Scheer vs WadePM - King of Debrecen - turn 15 [ January 25, 2003, 09:59 AM: Message edited by: Scheer ]
  15. Hm ... in 1942 when the T34 has only its 76 mm and no radio ? I would bet on the tiger. or later then with radio and 85 mm ? That would be more even.
  16. Hi all, bumping back to page one Section 2 - 4 Turn 3 with James Crowley Turn 7 with JPS Turn 6 with Nidan1 Turn 13 with Sgt Gold Turn 6 with wadepm all up and running.
  17. Arent there more missing models than just the IS3 and the T44 ? The various Sdkfz 250/251 / sumthing variants come to mind. So if this is the final patch and all missing models will be included this one will be big. Bigger than 1.01 maybe ? :confused: [ January 11, 2003, 11:31 AM: Message edited by: Scheer ]
  18. Very cool. I thought sumtimes around march, or so ... Can someone post a feature list, pretty please ? And since I own the dreaded CDV and the US version; do I have to download two patches again ?
  19. Very nice card btw. I´m playing it the tird time with a buddy ...
  20. Dear Section 2 - 4, has anyone made contact with James Crowley ? :confused:
  21. Hi all, especially Section 2 - 4, have made contact with all, except James Crowley .
  22. Hi all, and especially the cream of the crop, Section 2- 4. Have sent first moves to JPS and Sgt. Gold and am awaiting their unconditional surrender ... [ January 08, 2003, 10:52 AM: Message edited by: Scheer ]
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