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  1. Mad Mike,

    at least in CMx1 it was possible to do just that, building a QB map and putting some units on the map. Then, when you start the battle, it just would ask you if you would like to import those troops.

    I assumed that in CMBN it would be the same.

    OTOH, maybe I´m not clever enough and forget sumthing, that I have to do to get those units ....

  2. I like taking regulars.

    And then I will raise and lower certain units, as I see fit. For example lowering some mere support troops ( like Jeeps or trucks ) to green, and upping my tanks platoon to vet as much as possible.

    The problem with taking veteran or better troops, is that you are loosing numbers of man and ammunition, cause of the higher cost, you get lesser men. Taking greens OTOH, to get even more men, is really hard, cause green troops are somewhat hard to maneuver the way I want ( longer responsetime ).

  3. US on the attack : two regular companys of infantry and one platoon of Shermans .You need a Rhino or a platoon of pioneers if there is bocage .

    German defense : two regular companys fusiliers plus two 120 mm mortar modules with TRP .

    Really, it depends on the map. And your opponent. And what special rules you both use.

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