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  1. thanks for your answer. Windows 7 with an ATI 5850 card. I don't have any extra security software. I think the problem lies with my videocard settings I have made some minor changes for Total War. But that it has such a big impact surprises me. It crashes the moment the game starts (before the battlefront logo), what video card setting are loaded at that time? Also it doesn't effect CMBN. I will try to set the system back to previous settings...
  2. Hi, Recently I get a crash at start up. The game won't even start or show any start screen. The only message I get is that the game has stopped working. A week ago everything was oke, no crash what so ever. CMBN is working fine though.. I did already re install the game... Any ideas and does any one have or had the same problem?
  3. Funny i had the same feeling, especially picture 1
  4. One of the complaints people had was the shortkeys. Luckily we can alter them in the hotkeys file. If you change them, only remove the keys for the english version (<E>). If you remove one of the keys from the german (<G>) of french (<F>) keys the file is not read by the game. Btw one request is it possible to get more commands in the file. I am missing the cancel target hotkey (yes it is the DEL button, but i want it to be the X key )
  5. Armor cover arcs I know that this is already mentioned, but i hope this will be implented in a patch soon. For example i was playing the second mission of road to montebourg and there was an AT gun covering the road. Lucky for me i got my infantry first down the road and the AT gun gave away its position. If it didn't i would have probably lost one or more tanks!. Target Area bocage when i think there is an enemy behind some bocage i place a target area at that bocage. Because of the action spot this target line is placed at the nearest spot. At close range you see them firing in front of
  6. thx for the explanation, btw it was the first AAR so not a video version. Well the problem was that i never expected that units on that part of the hill could see me, so i never checked it with the target command. Always expect the unexpected
  7. Well that explains the bocage, but not the trees and bushes. I just played the mission from the first VAAR where i was suprised that the enemy pak on the far right on the hill could see my tanks through all those trees. I am guesing that trees are also part of the game abstraction.
  8. Well the game Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 43 has the feature that units will follow the road. Allthough the control layout is one of the weakpoints of the game, once you get the hang of it it works great. I hope that this feature will make it to CM at least for the user. Perhaps in the next patch
  9. Nice i was hoping for something close, but in my hometown. Count me in, i will bring something to drink with me..
  10. I would love to see cm campain in normandy Oke perhaps that is to much.. I always enjoyed operations because it would give you some feeling of a battle which has different phases. extension of the map, ammo supply and the change to see some vehicles back on the field after being repaired are nice features. Scenarios are good, but are very limited, an operations gives you some deeper feeling or better atmosphere. A good example is the new game Achtung Panzer Kharkov 1943
  11. I am using the latest version of CMBB so with the vista patch. I have no graphics problem. Perhaps you could mention which text it is and what type of videocard you are using. I have a geforce 9600gt and cmbb is running smoothly
  12. Hi, well i have tried the mp with a friend of mine. Sorry but it was a no go. Internet isn't working. we can see each others game, but joining doesn't work. We have tried to open our ports, but joining just didn't work. However it is possible that we just didn't open the right ports or that some firewall/router is still blocking the connection. Next we started hamachi to try start a 'fake' network game. This was more succesfull, we could join each other's game. Then we started the game, set up our forces ingame and then the game crashes when we press continue. Most of the time some on
  13. No me too, i am hoping that the patch will fix some of the mp issues..
  14. Woest


    Perhaps a temporary solution, i have allot less crashes ingame without HDR and Ambient occlusion turned on. Now when i crash it is during loading a game. I have only played one mission without crashing so it is not really tested, but it feels good...
  15. VISTA has many problems/bugs but most are known right. I mean the problem with UAC is not new and other games can be played with out using this temporary solution. Don't get me wrong it is a great game and there is a great support to help us. But things like the UAC problem, Multiplayer problems should not have been there. If in the release text of TOW 2 says: "Special attention is being devoted to multiplayer and user created missions" and even the basic mp function is flawed... I can only imagine the burden to test all systems and that it probably cost allot of money, but i should not
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