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  1. All right, I concede the point about the K98. But what about the MP-44. It has less firepower than the BAR at 40m, yet it is lighter, easier to maneuver and has a larger ammo capacity. Perhaps the FP rating for the MP-44 should be raised by 5 or 6 points at 40m.
  2. One bullet does the job? At 500m?! Yeah Right! I would think that it would be a matter of volume of aimed fire at that distance. It would be really hard to hit something the size of a human at 500m. Either the m-1 should be increased a half a point of fire power or the K-98 should be decreased half a point. The increase or decrease should be even greater at 250m.
  3. Sorry, Over-represented may have been a poor choice of words. What I meant was that the K-98 should be modeled as less powerful compared to the M-1. I realize that this is already the case to some extent, however the numbers out at 500m are the same. Due to the fact that the K-98 had a bolt action and a smaller clip than the m-1, it seems that it should have less firepower than is currently depicted.
  4. I'm new at Combat Mission and I just downloaded the demo a couple of days ago. I have been very impressed with the game so far and I am planing to buy the full version of the game soon. However I have noticed that some of the infantry weapons seem to be modeled incorrectly in my opinion. Specifically, it seems to me that the Mp-44 and M-2 Browning should be more powerful compared to other weapons in the game. Also I think that the K-98 is slightly over represented. I was wondering if any of these things have been corrected in the full version of CM. Also could someone explain the how rel
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