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  1. Hindsight is wonderful but we have to remember that tanks were being developed before and during WWII. Tanks went from really light armored tracked vehicles with itsy bitsy guns to, by mid war, huge 40 ton and greater (churchill, tiger, panther, and maybe even the Shermans) tanks with a single turret and the heaviest frontal armor designers could get. I'd also like to point out that the very advanced german tanks didn't manage any sort of breakthroughs after Kharkov in 1943. To me it seems all the mid, late, and post-war tanks evolved into remarkably similiar designs. Wide tracks, extrem
  2. In the Russian website http://www.battlefield.ru/ one of the authors states that russian designers failed in trying to increase muzzle velocity. Instead, the designers increased the weight of the shell by increasing the calibre. I would guess that's why Russian tanks guns were so commonly huge--sheer weight of shot performes the equivalent of "them fine German guns." Also, really large calibre guns work well against infantry, which is what the ammo load of most Russian tanks had.
  3. The railgun... Ok, being serious...the ability to somehow interact with your subordinates the way real commanders do. I would like to be able to give general orders to subordinates, and let them take care of all the little things. I think Highway to the Reich models this to a great extent.
  4. i thought the scenarios had, in the briefing, an order of battle. Most scenarios designers put the order of battle in the briefing.
  5. If you play the German side, your outnumbered troops end up attacking up a hill against a heavily entrenched (read--trench system) enemy that has a couple of SMG squads. There's also barb wire and mine systems. Anyone win this one against the computer?
  6. Steel Beasts does model gun depression in the german, russian, and american tanks.
  7. MikeyD is correct. As long as you're not making money from the modification of the program then damages in case Battlefront sued you would be limited to 1. cease and desist 2. actual damages. Where you would get into trouble is when you package this stuff and sell it. The recent music lawsuits comes into mind, but the way the courts are figuring it is that for every download a client does, that is taking away $15 dollars from the music industry. Note that you aren't making available the whole CMBB program but rather "skins" that change the appearance of the program. If you were to put th
  8. I noticed there's two different kinds of russian AT rifles. I wonder what the difference between them is. Anyone know?
  9. I've knocked out a PZIVg (side penetration hit under 100 meters) and a stugIIIg (track hit and abandonment at 600 meters+) during MP. That being said, it's almost impossible to kill a tank from any range using AT rifles. Their value lies in the possibility of getting a gun hit and of destroying light armor. I think 1 AT rifle per platoon is perfectly reasonable.
  10. I was reading in "Black Hawk Down" whereby an AK-47 armed somalian fired at very close range into the side of a Hummer that had its bullet-resistant windows down. Given that the door is suppose to stop an AK-47 round by itself, i would say the ability of the Hummer to stop AK-47s is pretty low. The bullet penetrated the door and passed into the knee of a soldier. The skin of the knee was penetrated but the bullet got flattened out by the kneecap and slid to the side of the knee. A minor injury but still the bullet did pass completely through the Hummer's door.
  11. So does this mean that half-tracks were pretty rare on the East Front? From what i read above i count around a thousand HT. Is this right?
  12. The power of the halftrack and the truck lies in its operational ability to quickly move troops from one place to another. A motorized or a mechanized unit is better able to function as part of the armored "pincers" than, say, hard-marching infantry. That being said, Germany never had enough HT even during the begining of the war to equip more than a few units...most of the german motorized divisions were dependent on trucks. The russians in 1944 had enough of american made HT to equip several divisions and a number of recon units. Possibly they had enough to parcel out a few HT to ever
  13. Both the .50 (american) and the 12.7 dshak (russian...i forgot the exact name) seem to kill both the german armored cars and HT at most ranges. Even the german Puma gets kills pretty quickly...as least that's been my experience from playing both allied and axis. Oh...and russian AT rifles kill them quickly indeed at ranges 200 meters and less. I've learned not to buy HT in quick battles...however if i get HT or cars in preset battles i use them a lot for area fire at long ranges with very limited fields of view. They still die but then again, historically, they weren't used much on the batt
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