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  1. My son sent me an email, "Dad, the new East Front combat mission is out and it has WeGo TCP/IP". So I dash to the site credit card number in hand only to find it has WeGo TCP/IP, but no replay. The card went back in the drawer and the game remains unordered. Seems a bit odd that as super fast internet gets rolled out my favourite game series still can't offer the same facility it did in the days of dial-up modems. Such is progress.
  2. Sincere thanks to both players for some great entertainment and some lessons on how to play the game. I look forward to the re-match.
  3. Mr. Altipueri, thanks for giving us a link to that fascinating paper. Lots and lots of interesting stuff. Dr Pieter Lieb's comparative analysis of SS and Heer divisions in Normandy ouht to ruffle the feathers of a few on this site - myth busters.
  4. Talking of names from the past who was the chap who made the "pissed him off on purpose to make him growl and show his teeth" comment and so sparked one of the most hilariously insane threads ever to enliven these boards? Was it Rommel122? Nice young lad, went into the USAF as I recall, wonder what happened to him. Hamsters don't get much of a mention on the threads these days. Time was when hamstertruppen were all over the place.
  5. I don't think the game or the community is dying and am pleased to hear from Steve that sales are in line with expectations. However, it must be a bit annoying for a scenario designer not to receive any feedback on his loving crafted creation. Though I don't download as many scenarios as I once did, this is largely because CMx2 scenarios/campaigns have a greater re-playability coefficient and, with the number of new releases and modules coming out, I haven't got to the end of those provided yet. I would urge everyone to provide robust, but constructive, feedback to the scenario designers
  6. Fascinating stuff. Normandy really was a bloody battle with casualty rates, particularly amongst the infantry, well up to WWI levels.
  7. Bit off topic there, old boy, and I have to say your post was a bit jarring - didn't actually expect to find someone actually talking about the game in a thread mainly about Tolkein's books. Was Bored of the Rings the spoof with an elf character called "LegoLamb"? The heroes rode merino sheep and the bad guys rode flatulent pigs? If so that book must be about forty years old. I am surprised so many people remember it.
  8. In all my years of reading these boards I have been constantly amazed how rarely Steve gets seriously ratty. To be sure he blows up occasionally but only under extreme provocation and not half as often as I would or, I suspect, many other members would. He must have the patience of a saint on valium. If a new guest came into my house and started gobbing off to the other guests, not only telling them what an awful party I am throwing but actually telling lies about me, my values and behaviour then I would give him a smack in the mouth and throw him out the door. If you are reading this, S
  9. "Steve has already said its not on the list or even planned for inclusion on any list" Mr. Flaming Picky, would like to point out that, as the issue is known and has been discussed and a decision made, along with a lot of other requested features, not to do anything about it, it therefore already exists on a list - the list of features that aren't planned for inclusion. I suppose it must also exist on the list of all requested features. Thinking about it, if we change "list" for "set" then we could prove that CM is inconsistent and so get to a specialised version of Cantor's Paradox - t
  10. A vote of thanks to Penry and BD for taking the time to provide a most entertaining AAR. Cheers chaps and well done.
  11. Mr. Emrys, You are, as always, correct and reasonable in your comments. On the PIAT stuff, I was thinking less of the times C3K's men missed and more of the lack of kills when he did manage to hit. The two strikes on that AA beast and it could function afterwards seemed particularly unfortunate. I'll also repeat a moan I have expressed many times over the years, that CM gunners seem incapable of learning from the fall of their shot. Time after time I see a round go over or under then the next shot at the same unmoving target goes further over or falls even shorter. Drives me up the w
  12. "I think many reading this AAR made a huge error in believing you a "bloodthirsty impulsive" who ricocheted from one crisis to another" And we were wrong? Seriously, C3K's biggest mistake in this AAR is, as pointed out above, his choice of fonts on some his pictures, especially the red coloured type face - I can't make that out at all. Of course having lost his armour for no gains didn't help but he has been dreadfully unlucky with his PIATs
  13. Zenomorph, yes it was in Citizen Soldiers and it was a farm house and the other Germans were in MG positions etc. that the "assaulting" troops had no idea were there in the surrounding country side. If memory serves that was also the occasion when the surrendering troops started to relieve their captors of their watches, wallets etc. and it was that chaos the prompted the German Sergeant to take control and get the surrender done properly. Sometimes its hard to work out how we won.
  14. Wouldn't argue with that at all. Still don't suppose the chap understood Cricket though.
  15. I doubt that, and if it had been he wouldn't have understood it, would he? Mind you, I doubt that more of a small minority of people on this site would understand the term. Some of the English, a few Aussies perhaps, maybe the odd-kiwi (yes, Aussies, I know you are going to say all Kiwis are odd, so settle down), possibly one or two Septics, though they probably think we are talking about baseball and so miss the point completely. Be that as it may, I am far from convinced that Giap was as good a general as he was a politician, and to compare him to Slim, Patton et al. is to compare app
  16. Three to one on (in pints) that Mr. Ken's close support tank goes the way of the rest of his armour.
  17. I think you are being a bit harsh on Mr Emrys' tongue in cheek comment. I thought rushing forward his tanks, that were armoured with papier-mache, against panthers and Jagd's before carrying out proper recce was fully in the traditions of British cavalry, and, true to those same traditions, he got slit up a treat. Bravo C3K, I say. Not many players would introduce role-play into an on-line AAR. As an aside, it did cross my mind that C3K preferred to play infantry only fights and just dumped his tanks as soon as possible, but on reflection I decided that was silly. He could have just kept
  18. "Tea I brew myself at the table" This do it yourself nonsense seems to have crept over here and is one of the viler imports we have taken from the USA. On my one and only visit to a Starbucks I asked for a cup of tea and was handed a paper cup filled with hot water with a tea bag floating in it and pointed to a shelf where there a jug of milk. This was in central London and they charged the equivalent of three US dollars. The method you describe Upfield's character using is very similar to that set out by George McDonald Fraser in his great memoir, "Quartered Safe Out Here" (surely o
  19. Mr. Augusto, I took no offence. Indeed I had a little chuckle, but lacking Mr. Emrys' lightning wit, I was a bit stuck for a good reply.
  20. Nah, MCs are only awarded for acts of personal gallantry. For leadership you might get a DSO but only if you win an stunning victory or get badly beaten - giving a DSO to a defeated commander helps when dealing with the press afterwards (valiant action against all the odds, standard of leadership outside that which could normally be expected, etc. etc.). So, looking at the state of play, I reckon you'l be in line for a DSO.
  21. All good points, Mr. Womble, I'd add one more: never use re-boiled water only fresh. Mr. Agusto, don't be silly. Besides I very much doubt I shall ever return to the USA.
  22. "Every time I have had tea made by an englishman it has tasted awful. But perhaps they were merely playing a trick on me and serving the water they had washed their dirty socks in." Nonsense, Emrys, absolute nonsense, piffle, tripe, rubbish. An Englishman could not play such a trick on you as they don't wash their socks - they have people, usually female, to do that for them. I was once stuck for six weeks in a Miami staying at the Sheraton Hotel in Brickell Avenue. In that whole time I never managed to get staff trained to make breakfast tea. One morning I would get a huge jug of
  23. Ted, If you are considering using a guide I recommend a chap called Francois Gauthron. A native Norman, he is a really nice chap, extremely knowledgeable both of the battles and of Normandy generally. His English is excellent, though he has a bit of accent which I have never been able to place, sort of American but not quite (I am too English to have asked). If you don't want, or your budget doesn't run to, a personal guide Francois will rent you an excellent GPS system, with an accompanying book. I beta tested an early version for him and I was surprised just how good it was and how
  24. Thanks for sharing your photos, Mr. Jonzo, some very interesting stuff and what a shame about your card failure losing so many others. As to the bocage view I think the fields were a lot smaller in 1944 than they are now, which would have made them even more scary and tough. There used to be on this site a chap from Normandy, whose pen name I have forgotten, but he was an expert on the bocage country. If he is still around he might contribute to our discussions. P.S. I hope you found the Norman hospitality to your liking? How did you get on with the cider?
  25. I dunno. but I sometimes wonder if these AARs, conducted to supposedly show off the game, don't actually have the effect of putting off new players or even some of us old 'uns. Don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy reading them. Big Bill has taught me a lot and C3K, Baneman and others have an engaging style that makes me laugh. However, each AAR always seems to highlight a problem in game design, that I have seen in my own games and put down to poor play, bad luck and so on but which I now realise are endemic and fundamental. I mean, really, a target drives past a PIAT crew within th
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