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  1. The games I have been playing up till now, have gotten me to the point that the TACs are becoming a game breaker for me too, for reason's stated by others. All my games are pbems, also note that I haven't installed the 1.3 patch yet.
  2. Long time listener, ahah anyways as one Gentleman put it, I believe it's flowing both ways. Yeah we know Mr.D's style can be a bit caustic, but using the "b"an word doesn't seem appropriate, but I'm not the king of this castle.Seems the kids are fighting in the sandbox on this one But I read this form everyday to see how the game is and well be progressing and I appreciate peoples input into it and BFC's "openness" to the input. "Opinions Are Like Assholes, Everybody's got One" [ March 31, 2008, 01:13 PM: Message edited by: Micheal Wittman ]
  3. "Yes" in my humble opinion the tac bombers are to powerful, my fighters can't even deal enough damage to stop them. Also I think the strategic bombers are a little to weak and AA guns should be able to fire more then on one attack. Note I haven't installed the 1.3 patch yet as I have a couple of pbem games on the go,,,, where the tac bombers are slaying me : P On another note, the axis have V2's on the coast of France sinking my ships at sea with every launch.As far as I know that could never of happened, so maybe there should be a naval modifier that would not let that happen?
  4. Actually there are 9 variants of Stryker in game so if you are going to take a dig at least get it right. In total there are over 50 variants of vehicle available to the player in CMSF, not including command versions, many of which I doubt most people knew existed until they saw them in game. Guys, its a trade off. If you want 500 polygon models without exhaust, articulated tracks and suspension, hatches, detailed system damage, etc then we can indeed included hundreds of vehicles in each game due to their simplified model. In fact, we already did that and that game is available to you, s
  5. If I end up receiving as much fun and time outta CMX2 WW2 as I did CMX1, I would have no problem paying an appropriete amount. Weather that is a lump sum or a few purchases over time. Myself I haven't even tried the new engine yet,but I appreciate everyone doing the beta testing for the WW2 release
  6. Well I did a search and found a thread which was created about paras being able to jump when all planes were grounded because of rain. There was really no answer to this question, so I'm bringing it up here. I guess one way to work around this is to have both parties in the pbem, agree before hand if paras can jump in the rain or not. [ January 13, 2008, 11:53 AM: Message edited by: Micheal Wittman ]
  7. One of my favorite documentary's was an older one on a channel called PBS I believe, the series was called "Russia's War Blood Upon The Snow" Highly recommend it if you can find it anywhere.
  8. I couldn't even get into the site because only ad after ad showed up, even when I clicked on the below enter site text? if it has something to do with cookies I well not allow them, so I guess that would be a no go for me if that's the case.
  9. Still waiting and I like to think that I won't be parting this mortal coil to soon, age wise anyways, so I may yet see the light of "CMC".
  10. That brings a tear to my eye, sniff, maybe one day we'll be back on the Ostfront in gamelandia. I'll even settle for a snowy Western Front to start, pretty please
  11. WW2 all the way, I have played Day OF Defeat since it was released, because of the game play and ww2 theme. I have played the "CM" series since it's release, because of the game play and it's theme. I play "SC2" and "WAW" because of it's game play and it's theme. Haven't even tried the demo of "CMSF" because of it's theme, but well try the "CMWW2" demo, because of the WW2 theme, when it comes out and hopefully I'll like the game play.
  12. xcom was addictive for me at the time, panzer general I could never get a chance to play because my roommate at the time was so hooked into it he would leave work early to play. I enjoyed the Close Combat series at the time, but since the "CM" series has been out, it has tainted everything else, because now I demand so much more from games. The only interest "CMSF" has for me is it's potential as a WW2 game in the future as I have no interest in the theater and frankly I never played the desert maps in CMAK either as I didn't want to deal with desert terrain. So I hope for future enjoymen
  13. Hey markl, I guess we are a little of topic in this thread, but I'd prefer a serial # as opposed to activation, but it's ok here and having tried the Calm and the Strom demo, I very much prefer the "SC" series over the other, or others. As far as your gaming enjoyment goes, you may want to give it a try. Returning you back to the fed up thread>>
  14. In response to the above I tend to agree somewhat, but in regards to "SC2" I have to say that Hubert, who is the father of said game,has been "Great" at support and listening to feedback from the small,but dedicated community. He jumps on bugs, if any, right away and because the game seems to be growing more and more towards perfection, is open to community input for design features, which is pretty cool. My friends that I do pbem with, feel the same sentiment in regards to "SC2". Sorry I just had to chime in because I wanted as just a gamer/customer back up the integrity that we fee
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