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  1. I've noticed one small bug that has continued through various updates: If I have a loaded transport that gets sunk, the combat history will show the transport twice, once without any icon and just a 'sunk' status and then a few lines down, an icon for a a transport and the status 'sunk'. Small thing.....not really important. Jonah
  2. A nice feature would be the ability to view a unit's combat history. For example, I have a submarine, U-157, that I'm almost certain has sunk three enemy transports and one battleship. It would be great to be able to click on a unit to get some detailed stats like when and where constructed, units destroyed, number of combat actions etc.. As you can see from my example, I've found a simple way to include turn number constructed in in the unit name for my submarine force....thought this isn't as elegant for other units. I'm assuming that if the game keeps a record of all actions for the game playback, it may not be too difficult to create this feature??
  3. I just had the same thing. Turn 250. 6 AIs and me. 2 AIs destroyed. Start of a turn. I was expecting a city production box to pop up but nothing happened. Game froze. I restarted and loaded the autosave and it started frozen as well. I'm running the 9841 build. If it helps, I'll hold onto the the autosave file for you Brit. Jonah
  4. I just had the same thing happen. I haven't upgraded to the most recent version of the demo yet. Sent the sub off into the darkness and it stopped responding. Managed an aircraft overflight later in the game and determined that the sub hit an island. Retired it as 'MIA'.......which actually would add some 'fog of war' to the game. New tech learning curve....Thresher, Kursk et al.
  5. Thanks Brit, I'll grab the latest version once I finish my current game. I must admit I enjoyed using two transport planes to 'carpet bomb' my opponent's island with 16 paratroopers! Jonah
  6. I've been playing the demo for a couple of weeks and love it. I don't have the latest version so these comments may be moot. 1. Transport Planes and Transports seem to have no limits on the number of units they can carry. I've loaded at least six paratroop units on a Transport Airplane level 1. Similarly, I've put six tanks and two arty on a transport ship. Is this correct? 2. I've built wonderful groups of ground units in a city and then tried to transfer the units to a ship as a group with no luck. The only way I could do it was to drag each unit to the ship and rebuild the group once all the units were on the transport. Is there any way to drag a group onto a transport as an intact group (i.e. move my whole '1st Division' to a transport intact in one move). Hope these comments help refine what I feel is a great game.
  7. Yep, sure was stupid.....good thing I had enough hard rive space to give it a home! If you come up with any other dumb ideas, be sure to let us know..........
  8. I just played a QB - Fins attacking Russians at night in a snowstorm. A Fin tank hunter team tossed a moltov at a t-70 and a wall of pure white flame appeared beside the t-70. It immediatly retreated and didn't fire a shot for the rest of the battle. Either I'm missing the flame bmp or the Fins have a new brew in their moltovs...... Anyone know the file number for flames? I've installed JuJu's explosions, the realcolour mod and the 1.01 patch.....missing one other texture as well (one side of a two storey building was white). Anybody else notice this after installing the patch? Jonah
  9. I second the regrets Ed.....I really enjoy your tree mods.....but am a big fan of the subdued look. If I remember correctly your CMBO real trees came after the subdued look 'revolution' and fit in well. The RealColour mod readme has an explanation of how to convert terrain mods to match and I'd be willing to give your trees a go, unfortunately I don't have photoshop.... any other volunteers?
  10. It was so nice while it lasted....nearly two months of blissful bulletin board discussion. No major flame wars, no trolls. Just intelligent discussion about a great new game. Until this last week. Any takers out there for a little lottery on the date of the first CMBB Bulletin Board Banning?
  11. Moving this back to a bug list. I have minor one that I think someone mentioned a few weeks back. Kubelwagons show up as 'jeeps' when Russian troops haven't positively identified them. I discovered this the other day when I noticed a jeep sitting in the middle of a group of german tanks.....quite confusing until I figured out what was going on! Wish I had screen shot. As far as I'm concerned this is a minor spotting bug. The gun tractor / halftrack spotting problem is much more serious and has caused me grief in two quickbattles now.
  12. Ordered: Sat. Oct. 12 Received: Mon. Oct. 28 16 days to get to Fort Smith, Northwest Territories! Complete with green gift sticker and no customs duties. I think I owe Hoop, Tom and others a big thank you.......your pain and resulting complaints seem to have prompted BTS to figure out how to best to cross the world's longest undefended border! While I wait for the install to complete, I'll finish this post and raise a toast (Lagavulin) to the Canadian guinea pigs. Your brave pre-order did not go in vain..... p.s. Hoop, if all else fails, I bought a second copy for an x-mas present......e-mail me and I'll send it to you. You can send me your replacement copy when BTS finally gets it to you.
  13. Very addictive demo. Thank you! One question: playing as axis I managed to build a battleship at one of the French ports. I sucessfully got it out into the Atlantic and expected to see messages indicating that it was interdicting shipping, along with a suitable drop in British MPP. However, no luck. It appears U-boats can interdict shipping but surface raiders must actualy find and attack a ship?
  14. Wow.......five people with member numbers under 1500 in a thread worrying about CMBB release dates! BTS, pay attention......it's not just the newbies getting restless. I, however, am perfectly happy waiting for the finished project.
  15. I find that I have developed a set up habit of grouping all the units together in an order of battle on the screen (i.e. artillery, vehicles, tanks, support teams, infantry etc. Once they are grouped in areas on the screen, I then start to move them into position. This approach evolved from finding myself on the 'dumb' end of a couple of situations very similar to yours! quite a funny tale! Jonah
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