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  1. Which bug ??? First try setup doesn´t work at all. Might be download problems. Second try setup worked but we were unable to read changes and bug fixes. The patch number didn´t change in the first screen. During an TCP/IP game we could not setup the correct units. We liked to play unrestricted and i could only take armour and so on........ After installing the multi-language patch it worked quite good. Maybe i´m to stupid to patch the game right :confused:
  2. The only thing i would like to tell is that in the german version of that patch is a bug :mad: :mad: . But the multi-language patch works .
  3. I would like to have new or better ability´s of the upper HQ. Mentioned theat in a topic a few weaks ago.
  4. I noticed that effect in 1.00 and 1.01 had an Tiger in hull down and was wondering why only every second shot reached target :mad: . I think that is an feature for the next patch
  5. Saw this event happening several times I think it´s the same what is called friendly fire. Those man are killed by chance. I think that happened several times in war.
  6. Changing fire is a little faster and i think the ones with radio are more accurate
  7. I think those things would be nice : - more detailed model of leadership with positiv and negativ effects (no one is perfect ) - an order that makes the platoons follow the HQ without giving each one waypoints.So you have to setup the waypoints only for the HQ. Would make things easier for example in large battles. The folloeing thin might be to fantastic but.... - try to combine airborne assault with CMBB or the following thing. Think about that combination.........
  8. I agree. Not every commander is good why not have some negative effects. But still i think it´s worth talking about making those command lines more realistic and thi means they could have negativ effects ,too. I still think those guys from battlefront could do such thing with little efforts. :cool: So if there would be command lines between upper HQ it would make sense
  9. We are talking about fighting troops not third line !!!!! Commanders of such troops were usually experienced and well educated or very fast dead especially on the rusian front. Most of those let´s say special promotions worked somewhat behind the frontline andwasted the life of the fighting troops. But back to the game wouldn´t it be more realistic with a command system taking in those company leaders ??
  10. This is exactly what i´m thinking about. The commander of a company or higher should have better or in most case some special ability. I think we have to keep in mind that most of them did their duty before and got so some experience more and more combat education. Most of them got promoted for their performance and ability Nik
  11. Maybe i´m totally wrong but why aren´t those platoon HQ not in command with those company HQ`s :confused: . This should give the game one more level of realism. So it would be easier to command a hole company and the ability of the company HQ would be to the benefit´s of the hole unit as it would be or was in real combat. This would give the company HQ and the higher ranks more weight ???!!! in a battle. At this time those upper HQ are only worth to use for guns or killed platoon HQ or retreats if the platoon HQ is out of order . I think there is more possible and it would be e
  12. I noticed that problem ,too :mad: . I think we have to wait for the patch
  13. I noticed most units which were surrendering where mainly immobilized. You need a perfect circle arround an enemy infantry unit to force them to surrender and all need LOS to the target Nearly impossible against a human player
  14. Times are changing and i hope time goes by as fast as possible Maybe someone knows why they have chosen CDV :confused: :mad: :confused:
  15. After playing CM with a friend by lan we noticed a change of the infantries behavior. We played it at both sides German and allied. We wondered why it seems that the German infantry has always the advantage on her side even if the German troops were only regular and allied were elite. As the allied attacker you need up to 6 times more infantry not talking about tanks and as German defender you can hold your position or retreat without significant loses. I thought the balance for a good attack or to start a useful assault the attacker should need only 3 times more power then the defender??
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