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    Fat Dave reacted to silverstars in A Word on Follow-on Modules   
    A geeky part of me want to see the technology go all the way to at least 1996-1997.....So I can then play out all those fun scenarios from one of my fave RPGs, Twilight:2000.

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    Fat Dave reacted to Roter Stern in Canadian Uniforms - Literally Unplayable!   
    Most certainly intended that way, yes 😆
    Apologies if anyone is reading this post in a serious tone, I'll go back to eating my pineapple pizza now 🤪
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    Fat Dave reacted to Saint_Mattis in Canadian Uniforms - Literally Unplayable!   
    It's a known fact that eating pineapple pizza before battle increases the accuracy of incoming indirect fire
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    Fat Dave reacted to sburke in CMSF2 - UK-Germany Beta AAR   
    Personally RPGs are my worst nightmare.  Even the uncons are well loaded with them and they are deadly.  You look like you are getting fire superiority, your men are pouring it on and then one lone guy smacks one into your building and the best you can hope for is light casualties and being suppressed for a while.  The US units don't really have anything as effective.  The Marine SMAW is close but not as prolific or quite the punch.
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    Fat Dave got a reaction from Bil Hardenberger in CMSF 2 – US-SYRIA BETA AAR   
    Great stuff Bill - excellent pictures and explanations for your moves. Kudos.
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