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  1. Ok this is what I got. IT's a western digital.

    Test Option: QUICK TEST

    Model Number: WDC WD800UE-00HCT0

    Serial Number: WD-WXE505295229

    Firmware Number: 900.D790

    Drive Type: IDE

    Capacity: 80.03 GB

    SMART Status: PASS

    Test Result: PASS

    Test Time: 09:51:51, September 11, 2005

    Test Option: EXTENDED TEST

    Model Number: WDC WD800UE-00HCT0

    Serial Number: WD-WXE505295229

    Firmware Number: 900.D790

    Drive Type: IDE

    Capacity: 80.03 GB

    SMART Status: PASS

    Test Result: FAIL

    Test Error Code: 08-

    Test Time: 18:40:11, September 11, 2005

  2. It seems just fine now which I don't understand. So this morning I'm getting dressed and suddenly my computer starts making a strange sound. I can't really reproduce it, but I'm sure you know the sounds when your hard drive seems to be working a lot harder than it's supposed to be. Throw in some "clicking" and you've got it. Anyways so I go over to it and move the mouse because it's in the power saving mode. When the screen comes up all I see is a blue screen (which I think had text on it but I only saw it for a blink of a second) and then suddenly the comp restarts all by itself. So I'm like oh noes, this can't be good. And then so after the initial boot up information screen it goes to a different screen and says something like "disk failure." It's seems like it's testing something and then it switches to a new screen and one of the messages says "Operating System not Found". Of course I'm like, "OH ****!!! (no, not "oh noes!!") I tried to restart a couple times and just got the same message. So i turned the computer off and left it because i had to go to work. When I got home I was already to take the HD out and take it back to get it fixed but when I tried to boot up, the computer booted up as if nothing had ever happened!!

    Does anybody have any idea why this happened (or what exactly did happen?) The only thing I can think that may have triggered it was earlier this morning I dumped heaps of files. We're talking GIGABYTES here. Movies, iso's etc etc. Like maybe 10 or 12 gigs. Could that have set something off?

    I have no idea but I just dont want it to happen again. I'm hoping that it isn't a physical problem or something that just can't be rectified with a simple reformat.

  3. I fixed it! You were right Schrullenhaft it was the drivers. But I didn't really realize it until I tried to hook up my digital camera and it wouldnt recognize it (Windows XP should be plug n play)

    So I went to the device manager and there was a big yellow question mark next to USB. So I let it install the USB drivers and that fixed that. Then I thought to myself, hey, I wonder if there were any other yellow question marks around there, so i went back and checked and sure enough it was. I just got Windows to update the drivers itself and sure enough my computer shut down perfectly.

    So perhaps if any other computer noobs like me have a question like that, perhaps the first thing you should have them do is go to the device manager and look for any really obvious big yellow question marks smile.gif

    I actually have a few more questions. I dont have auto update on and with this stupid service pack there is an icon in the sys tray displaying that fact and every time I start up the computer a little bubble pops up tellng me that I dont have it on as if I was some kind of retard. Is there any way to turn that annoying prompt off?

    Also, I use a mouse and this touchpad is bugging the hell out of me. Sometimes i accidently touch it while im typing and i delete what im typing!!

    The drivers for it is called Elantech. Is there any way I can disable the touchpad without installing any of the drivers for it? (I like to keep my systray as empty as possible)

  4. As far as I know we have the exact same computer. Bought them a month apart, and last time I went they didn't have any so I know this is from a new batch.

    I don't know if this helps any but this morning I reinstalled the Japanese version of Windows and it shut down fine with nary a problem. That leads me to believe that it's an OS problem or at least a hardware compatibility issue with the OS. I looked at the event viewer for errors and copied someof them into Microsofts website diagnosis thing but I couldnt really come up with anything.

    Is there anything wrong with leaving a laptop on all the time as long as its well ventilated?

    I know thats not really a solution but I'm just really tired right now. smile.gif

  5. I just picked up a new notebook today, which I'm quite happy with so far but unfortunately I've encountered a problem where the comp crashes (or seems to crash) whenever I choose to shut it down. It goes right to the screen where it says "Windows is shutting down" and then thats it. The mouse pointer freezes and the power button doesnt work. I have to remove the battery to get it to turn off. Very frustrating.

    I dont know what the problem could be. My roommate bought the exact same laptop and he seemed to have no problems whatsoever.

    I bought it in Japan, and because it has a Japanese OS I installed an english version of XP Pro. I've done all the Windows updates and I have SP2.

    I read somewhere that having the East Asian language pack installed can cause this problem so i reformatted and tried again without installing the language pack but it still freezes. I also read about how sometimes the USB powermanagement can cause some problems when shutting down so I followed the directions and that still didn't help.

    Can anyone think of a reason why my computer doesnt like me? It would be much appreciated.

  6. Just a couple of questions for you experts. Nothing serious, more like minor annoyances.

    1) I can't figure out how to get Outlook to automatically send/receive when I start it up. I've found the tab that automatically makes it send/receive when I exit but nothing for when i start.

    2) Is there anyway I can stop it from trying to start up Windows Messenger when I start Outlook?

    I've been scouring the Options but have been having trouble finding a way to turn it off.

    3)And one more question. How can I import my contact list from Gmail to Outlook?

  7. Originally posted by WKA Buffpuff:

    Now granted I don't play a whole lot of fog missions but it's still nice to pick random weather and be met with a beautiful thick fogged dawn after you've purchased 88 Flak guns, 155mm Arty spotters and such that are useless in such weather.

    Don't worry, your Flak and arty will still be useless. It just won't look that way smile.gif
  8. Hitting print screen only takes a screenshot of your monitor. You then have to open up some kind of program like printshot and Paste the picture and then save it. If you want all this to be done for you, or if you want to take more than one printscreen, then you should download a screenshot program that you can have running when you play the game.

  9. I seriously doubt that the guys will ever become "out of touch with the fanbase" smile.gif

    And yes I would also love a VCR function, including the ability to merge the movies all together into one great big huge movie.

    And not just that. I want to be able to edit it too. I think we could probably come up with some amazing looking stuff smile.gif Of course, it'd probably be too big for most of us to download but at least we could have fun making our own.

  10. Originally posted by guymaru:

    I guess you've got a point. All the big name publishers repackage and resell their games for additional profit - why not you? Just a crappy industry practice, like many others.

    So Battlefront decides to start selling the game for retail in North America. Are you saying that you expect them to sell the exact same game to the public as what they first came out with over 3 years ago??

    I suppose you dont think that any of the patches should be included either. Why don't they just sell the 1.0 version and let everyone download the patch for it.

    Nobody is making you pay for the damn game. It's not like you need to buy the new version in order to continue playing PBEM games with other people.

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