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  1. Here is a bit more information for anyone who has the time to try and solve this. Firstly, I have an HP W22 monitor, Geforce GT740, Windows 10, and a powerful PC. I have been playing this game for many years (Since CMBO first came out) without any problems. The problem started when I got the GT740 AND Windows 10. I got a message from GE Force Experience that I have to update driver for Windows 10 to 355.60 which I did. I have tried literally hundreds of settings on the Nvidia control panel, Killing the prefs file every time, the thing that keeps occurring is that at start up the only option
  2. Still trying to get CMAK run at 4.3 resolution

  3. I have a scaling problem not mentioned here - the only option I get after killing the prefs file is 1280 X 1024 at 75 Hz. This results in filling my wide screen monitor (1680 X 1050) with awful looking Squat units. - I have to ALT/TAB in order for graphics to run properly (Very slow if I do not do this) I set the Nvidia GT 740 to no scaling and Monitor to control scaling. If I try to set the GPU to control scaling, I then get an option of 1280 X 1024 at 60 Hz and the splash screen looks great at the 4:3 ratio. BUT after ALT/TAB to get graphics to run everything locks up. Anyone got any
  4. OK, so I got it as good as it gets, that's fine - thanks.
  5. Hi guys, I took your advice and got a new power supply (Antec Truepower Trio 430 W) and a BFG GeForce 7950 GTOC with 256 MB. Man what a difference !!! I am seeing things on a Tiger I never saw or noticed before, the little machine gun and periscope slot for example. I can fly around the battlefield as smooth as can be, no jerkyness at all - Its' great !!. One question - my 22" wide format monitor runs at 1680 X 1050, when I fire up CMAK after deleting pref file the highest choice I get is 1280 X 1040, this give me a center square to play in - it's OK just wondered why I don't get the "Native
  6. The power supply they put in is a 300W A/Open brand model FSP300-60GT The 12V is rated at 12.0A Seems like this might be a bit underpowered ??
  7. Thanks for the inforamtion Schrullenhaft - as I now have a really good rig (1GB PC3200 RAM, P4 processor at 3.4 Ghz) I don't want to skimp on the graphics card. So maybe $250 - $300 for a PCE graphics card for CM playing, what would you suggest for that kind of money.
  8. Hi guys, got my PC back after it fried, now has a MSI 915GVM3-v MB and my previous AGP NVid graphics card can't be used. The guy that repaired my PC says the integrated graphics card in the MSI MB is really good and should work well for me. Well I can't get it to work well - it has no 3D features only the open GL. Can someone help me choose a suitable graphics card for this new MB that will work well with Combatt midssion (That's all I ever use this computer for) Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks Schrullenhaft - not perfect but it works.
  10. My main PC died so I am trying to play using my wifes HP pavillion laptop. CMBO loads and runs, BUT no matter what settings I use on the #3D tab (Anti-aliasing etc) the text area of the screen is white. Display card is ATI RadeonXP 200 series I updated the driver with 7-1-XP-dd-40211 which now shows driver version as (12-16-2006). Mm, now I come to think of it, I moved the antialiasing up because of jagged lines, it helped this, now I have movedit back, the jagged lines did not return, is it possible my settings are not "Taking"?? Any advice will be welcome----
  11. Thanks guys, I now am in possesion of enough knowledge to work the resolutions and screen fill etc I run CM in 1280 X 1024 @ 60hz with no Stretch which gives me a nice 10.5 X 16" viewing area, and "Non-CM" at 1680 X 1050 wide screen which is 11.75 X 19"
  12. Thanks Schrullenhaft, my previous monitor was a 15" LCD set at 1024 X 768. I tried the "Info' on my current monitor while in CMAK and CMBO, it returned; H = 58Khz, V = 72Hz. I then reduced the resolution to max CM can handle (1280 X 1024)per your posting. I deleted Prefs file and at CM start got the resolution question, Info'when running CMAK now returns 1280 X 1024 - 75Hz, screen is not filled but OK to play. Problem now my desktop does not fill the screen, any ideas how to fix that?
  13. I know this subject has been discussed before but my 20 minute search did not resolve my question - so here goes; I just got a great new monitor for my birthday today - HP w22, it suggests running at 1680 X 1050 so I set the display up to this and it works fine. Windows 2K prof I deleted the prefs file on CMAK and CMBO, restarted but do not get the resolution choices. Game plays OK, but I don't know what resolution it is running at, maybe it could be better ??? I have a GeForce Ti4200 graphic card. Any suggestions?
  14. That is a bit "Over-the-top". Actually I kinda' like the Samsung 19" LCD TV/Monitor, can watch TV in one section and play CM in another (at least that's what I read into the specifications??)
  15. Time for a display upgrade, I have SyncMaster 152T and it has been very good to me for a couple of years. I did a search but could not find anything that would help me select a new display (17" I think) - any suggestions from the group ?? I have windows 2000 with a Nvidia Gforce4 Ti 4200 GPU card.
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