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  1. Sound good. I got excited as I read your post. Happy Birthday. P.S. Mark Ezra is "the man!" XcyborgX
  2. Nice. Thanks gibsonm and yeah I really meant to say seconds. Boy, if it was minutes I would have a real problem with procrastination.
  3. Can anyone help me on how to manipulate my forces? It’s probably operators’ error. The most frustrating problem is when I assign complex move or moves dealing with timing. Example, if I have a Stryker full of troops, and I instruct the Stryker to pause for 15 or 30 second before moving and I instruct the troops to exit the vehicle immediately (I have not use the “disembark” command, I just use a move command). sometimes the troops wait until the vehicle moves then they leave. What I desire is the troops to exit the vehicle then the Stryker leaves. Its not consistent. Sometime the troops
  4. Thats some great information. Thanks slug88 and Huntarr! [ March 28, 2008, 08:41 PM: Message edited by: cyborg ]
  5. uhmmm...you mean I must press pause first then design my path. I have created the path first then I press pause until I get the desired delay time. Perhaps thats my problem. Wow, thanks I will try that.
  6. Does anyone know if Im doing something wrong or there is a problem with the game. I use the "pause" function on tanks and troops and most of the times they ignore this command. I set the instructions to move and press pause and the time is display above the object but in the next move (PBEM) they ignore this command. This is frustrating because sometimes timing is everything.
  7. Where do I go to find players that are willing to play CMSF? I went on Proving Grounds but not getting anyone. I'm looking for someone who is willing to play PBEM, preferably, someone with Instant Messenger.
  8. Do any one know if Battlefront will come out with a strategy game for CMSF? If yes, then when?
  9. Sequoia, Snap! Thanks for catching that error. I guess you can say, I just patched it It's as good as CMSF 1.06
  10. I just want to say thanks to creators of CMSF. For many years, I enjoyed CM games and purchase all of them. I was elated when I discovered that CMSF was coming out and told some of my friends. When I first played the game I was extremely disappointed and angry because the game was saturated with problems. Just recently, I took some leave from work (military) and other challenges in life, and kicked back and played CMSF 1.06. MAN, I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!! The CMSF 1.06 helped me recover. The developers of CMSF did a great job with rectifying many of the errors. I am no
  11. The game will not start because I don’t have the last OpenGL. Where do I find this? I found one for the Mac but were is one for the PC. I have installed the last video drivers I have: XP service pack 2 Radeon mobility X300 I used the OpenGL extender view and found this in the report: No ICD registry entry The current OpenGL driver doesn't expose the SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows (NT)/CurrentVersion/OpenGLDrivers registry entry. Unable to detect the driver version, driver revision name and filename. No hardware support Your current video configuration DOES NOT support hardware a
  12. Melnibone, Very very funny. General solomon, Man, I concur with you. The Combat Mission games are my all time favorite games. I have been playing it for over 6 years. Flashpoint and Rome Total War are great as well but not better.
  13. Noticing that the released date of CM:SF is no longer displayed on Battlefront’s main website, has got me nervous. Is there a possible delay in the release of the game? I pray this doesn’t happen, for I can’t think of any other game that I am this excited about. Full Spectrum Warrior came somewhat close but I was SEVERELY DISAPPOINTED after playing it. That let down, prompted me to see my psychiatrist.
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