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  1. What are the places to go to if I want to play TCP/IP? I know World at War (http://worldatwar.eu), but many times nobody is online to play. And it has the worst ladder system EVER. All the other sites that I knew about are now defunct (combatmission.com, tournamenthouse). Any other place where people play TCP/IP? (NO, I am not interested in PBEM, it is tedious. TCP/IP is a THRILL.)
  2. There are better mods here: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net Tracer mod can be found here as well.
  3. Grenades are not useful against tanks. For tank killing, the Russians also have pioneers - satchel charges are deadly. Range is 29 (or is it 30?) meters and they rarely miss. They also work well for the Brits in CMAK. Other nations unfortunately have useless flamethrowers attached to pioneer platoons. Iinfantry FTs are useless in most situations and they just waste your very valuable support points. They can also kill tanks, but they are slow and prioritized by the TACAI.
  4. In a quick battle if multiple nationalities are used, the game selects one as the nationality for your side. Eg: you mix Italians with Germans and the game picks the German flag. How is it determined? I got weird results concerning this. I regularly buy some Hungarian units and sometimes the game selects the German flag when I have only a few German units. Other times I have a German force with a few select Hungarian units and the game picks the Hungarian flag. Is the flag randomly selected or is there a rule?
  5. FTs are rarely seen on the CM battlefield, they are way too vulnerable. Vehicles and tanks can be effective. If you can safely advance on the enemy with your FT team, chances are that you do not really needed them in the first place. They are slow and prioritized by the TacAI.
  6. AP projectiles contain no explosives, for these there are 2 basic factors. - Kinetic energy - this depends on speed and mass of the projectile. The speed depends mainly on the length of the gun (also quality), mass is mainly a function of caliber. Barrel length is indicated generally as the multiplication factor of the caliber. - Hardness - this is basically the quality of the ammo, the harder the projectile, the better the chance it will penetrate. Low quality armor shatters easier. This is one reason why most Soviet guns underperform. Tungsten shot is harder and weighs more = increas
  7. He was asking about outgoing fire. I do not think it is reduced from a building.
  8. I admit I was being stupid a bit The answer to the T-34 is a Hetzer (high XP). The answer to the SU-76: Hungarian 40mm AT and Hungarian Solothurn ATR - both cheap weapons and available up to April 1945. But if your opponent bought a pair of ISU-122s, you are totally screwed. I still do not like the armor point ratios, but some of the time it can be compensated. Overwatching infantry with a Stug? Well, I would happy to play you. A tank in plain sight is usually an invitation to disaster. The worst thing you can do is to let the enemy know where your tank is. A seen tank can be smoke
  9. Too bad, this thread was hijacked. Getting back to topic. In a meeting engagement the combined arms armor ratios are even worse than in an attack-defense situation. In a recent meeting, I had a lone Stug and against it were 3 Su76s, and 1 T-34/85. Ok, I had panzerfausts and a few shrecks, but my opponent was good enough to stay out of range. I even had an ATG - that was quickly disposed of by mortars. So how is one supposed to win an encounter like this with Axis??? The map was also bad for me, so I never had a chance at all. Smoke - you cannot have enough to matter, when your enemy is
  10. Use SHIFT-P to display all movement paths. Using this tool I rarely have any problems with traffic jams. Also some tricks: - use multiple waypoints for turns. - use order delay to synchronize/postpone movement if neccessary - all vehicles should start movement in the direction they are facing and turn later if neccessary
  11. In all history, the thing that kills most people is disease. Even the most devastating wars rarely exceed a casualty rate of 5-10%. Diseases kill people on a much larger scale. Of course disease often breaks out due to malnutrition, but not always.
  12. SMG half squads - now that is another nice gamey tactic. Back to armor points. I wish BFC employed some other solution to fix this and not with the point ratios. Unfortunately the effect of this imbalance mostly depends on the date and the terrain. For example early war it is a great advantage for the Soviets, later on a bit less so. A better and more logical way would have been to alter point costs. Eg: decrease cost (further) of Russian ATGs, tank hunter teams and also tanks compared to the German counterparts due to their lower quality. This solution would be more balanced and con
  13. Back to the topic: Allied attack, 1250 points, the Axis player gets just enough armor points to buy 1 (!) tank. As allies I could buy 3 crack T-34s and 2 crack SU-85s. Axis can also buy 3 Pak40 AT guns. This setup is very though for Axis. My opponents prefer Axis, I keep kicking their ass ;-)
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