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    hobo reacted to Holien in More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov   
    Haiduk thanks for the continued updates it is very clear what happened and as usual the story of liesis just a media misinformation attempt to put a fig leaf over it.
    A pity that Europe is not closer to be able to help stop bullies grabbing terrority.
    Hobo I agree it is very clear what Russia is doing and at some point they will go too far.
    The small people will suffer for the choices made by dictators.
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    hobo got a reaction from Bulletpoint in Throwing grenades over a wall ...How ??   
    For starters, tell him not to stand up and throw it like a baseball.  If he is impressed in to the front lines from the stenographers pool, I would not suggest he even try it as they do have a nasty habit of bouncing back if the throw is short.  Other than that, tell him to attack the krauts and let him figure it out.
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    hobo got a reaction from Bil Hardenberger in Command Friction - Applying C3 Effects in Combat Mission - Playtest   
    Really cool and I will be giving it a shot in a AI campaign next week. 
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    hobo got a reaction from AlexUK in Axis - CMBN Buying The Farm - Crowd-sourced DAR   
    Nobody said CM was easy and Method was surely given a tough hand and a tougher opponent.  I stand behind my position that he was too passive which led to the result.  
    As to the mortar comment, I am well aware of the difficulty in adjusting it.  After re-reading my post "Sweeping" is probably not the best word choice.  I do think he had the time to walk it slightly north after his initial barrage which if done might have nailed Ian's spotter and own mortar teams which took out methods ATG and then after a couple of rounds marched it slightly further north to the center.  However, you are right that the time delay on the arty is tough to manage and while I dont play much any more, I was usually one step behind where I needed it when I did play.
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    hobo got a reaction from Myles Keogh in combat mission battle for normandy price   
    CM is a well done, niche product, designed for a specific target audience.  Economics 101 says it is going to be expensive.  There are plenty of fun, cheap mass market WWII games out there, just don't expect them to be realistic.
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    hobo got a reaction from Apocal in On The Horizon?   
    Please work in true dynamic campaigns somewhere in the next decade.
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