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  1. Conformation has been received and returned. Neil you can solve your cut and paste of pbem in your hotmail by having your opponent zip the file before he sends it to you. Hope that helps. U8led
  2. I would like to be included in the Tourney. MrQuiet67@yahoo.com
  3. Sounds like a good idea, but you could make it more risky for playing 'lite' by having each group match up with 10 vs 10 and only the top 5 of each side gaining any points. The bottom 5 would either not advance to the next round or you could have them advance with no points gained. Whatever you decide I would like to play in it. I looked over at the CMBB forum but did not see your thread. -U8led
  4. The 1:1 representation in Rome: Total War is very enjoyable to the eyes. (although since battles are fought RTS I never felt like I could spend the time just watching the visuals in the individual skirmishes. CM shines there with the we/go and unlimited movie playback) From the first time I played Rome: Total War I was thinking how great it would be to have a similar campaign map with WWII theme and all battles played out CM style. Of course the scale would be to big for CM battles. So even a Theater Campaign Map with the battles fought CM style could be doable, but that is another topic for another thread.
  5. Ever played Full Spectrum Warrior? You only control 2 teams but the 'template' idea is in there like you mentioned. If you want to move a team you select them then move the curser around and a hologram will show you how your team will be positioned when they arive at that position. Then after they arive if you want to change just one mans positon you can select him and move him wherever you want.
  6. You forgot the best part. I waited until I could unleash the hell and take out all 3 tanks on the same turn. I have kept that movie as one of my all time favorites. U8led
  7. Hey Kurt: I live here in good ole Taxachusetts and play lots of CM especialy now with the weather turning a bit cool for Harley Riding. I am currently trying to finish up a bunch of cmbo games, but let me know after you get your cmbb copy if you are interested in a pbem. See ya U8led@aol.com
  8. I would be interested in playing both games via ROW. No better way to play CM. U8led
  9. I took over one game of "Another Day" for a dropout where he had moved two tigers well forward, not far behind the first treeline (from Allied perspective). They were overwhelmed by enemy Shermans before I could extract them to safer firing positions. Two dead tigers combined with a later lucky shot at range by a vanilla Sherman on a third tiger finished it for the Jerries. HeHe I like the unbalanced 60-40 is excellent. I don't like the night fighting, especially in the finals. Lends itself more to luck then players ability to command in my oppinion. U8led
  10. Holly Crap! My first ROW and I finished 3rd b4 AAR. What a great time I had with the scenarios (except for some yelling I did at a 88 in H4H that refused to screen very large arty dude with smoke and insisted on shooting at a squad with one man left in it). Like I said b4 I can think of no better way to play CM, totaly blind realistic scenarios and you are compared to 25 other people who faced the same exact obsticles. Excellent Tourney and I hope I never miss any of the future ROWs. Job well done TB155 and all scenario designers. U8led
  11. TB 155 I sent out the file for the last movie in Head4Hills on Sunday night and awaiting the return file, which should be here today. That will complete my 5 games. This tournament has been a real challenge and I have never gotten so much enjoyment out of CM before. Great job running it. U8led
  12. Getting real tired of the very accurate very large American arty in Head for the Hills. U8led
  13. I absolutely want to be in the final round. This tourney is the best way to play CM in my opinion. U8led
  14. EEEEK! You are a prime candidate for subdued grass. Nice close assault, but where is the infantry support of the enemy? U8led
  15. How do you stop the player that is setting up the QB from restarting the game until his favorite rare vehicle is at a cheap price? I would guess that player A sets up the game/choose the parameters, picks a password then sends the file to player B who then makes his purchases after reviewing the parameters, picks a password and mails the file back to player A so he can purchase. But it does cause one extra e-mail. U8led
  16. Question: Do units in C&C spot and ID better then the same units out of C&C in the current game? And if so, do any of the HQ bonuses (possibly combat bonus) apply to spotting and ID? If units out of C&C had a substantialy reduced positive ID range would that help Borg ID? U8led
  17. Interesting thread. I am not realy into tank sims but I play a lot of WWII-online and that seems to be an excellent ww2 tank simulation although they are currently only at 1940 tanks. But on the bright side you are always fighting other human players. If you get the chance give that game a go. See ya on the battlefield. U8led
  18. Thanks Ollie for trying to help but I wanted the qbs to set themselves up since all players would know who their 5 opponents are for the first round they could start all 5 games right away if they like. Also I like the limits the game sets in each catagory. And the last thing is that I wanted to be one of the players, so my setting up the games would not be a good thing... hehe. Anyway I have decided to just let the players be honest on setting the weather to random. This should bump the thread back up and if I get the same lack of response I guess I will just forget the whole thing. U8led
  19. Excellent stuff for desktop wallpaper, kool thanx. U8led
  20. Hello there all, you haven't heard much from me but I have been lurking around and reading this board very regularly. Great community here supporting a awesome strategic wargame. Anyway I want to run my first tournament which I plan to track on my first ever (slightly crude) website. http://hometown.aol.com/u8led/HomePageindex.html The rules are simple and posted at the site but they start like this: 10 allies vs 10 axis players 2 groups Group A 5 allies 5 axis Group B 5 allies 5 axis Round 1 5 allies in each group play the 5 axis in the same group Round 2 Top 3 of Group A play top 3 of group B Final Round Top Dog Axis Player Plays Top Dog Allied Player in a 2500 point final duel. You can get the details at http://members.aol.com/u8led/Rules.html Having only been in one tournament b4 (ass-kickers tourney which was elimination and doesn't help me) I have 2 questions. 1) what do you do about players that drop out prematurely? I was thinking alternates. 2) One of the rules that I really like is random weather, how do you know that the player setting up the qb is choosing random for weather? I plan on tracking turn numbers at the site for the current games so players will know things are progressing, and players will be able to submit screenshots if they like during battles to "taunt" or show something off, off course you might want to be careful of what info is shown in the screenshot as it will be available to the enemy or future enemies. Well that's it if I get 10 axis and 10 allies to sign up its a go. U8led
  21. Yes I have win 95. So then maybe there is no problem after all. This all started when I ran that dxdiag and it said AGP texture acceleration not available and I know I am running a AGP card, but maybe that is because win 95 won't recognize it? U8led
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