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  1. On your question 2 I wonder if your carriers are out of range of the targets. Japan Carriers start the game with a higher strike range then the allies. Right click the unit and then click properties and it will tell you your strike range. Also your carriers can not launch a strike from a tile that is raining.
  2. Thank you for your quick replys and informative answers. I really did not think HQ supply worked that way. My only suggestion would be to have someone update the manual for future customers because the way it is written "in range of resource >=6" sounds like the distance does not matter as long as you are in range (ie less movepoints then resource strength from resource) It should be written that HQ needs normal supply >5 to get full (10) supply. Anyway great game really enjoying it. -Bill
  3. The turn is sent. Thanks for taking a look. -Bill
  4. I just want to update the story. On the next turn Kunming went to 70% efficiency with HQ Stillwell still in the city and still showing supply of 8. Seems to me he should have been at supply 10 for both turns. On the turn after this my opponent pounded Kunming with bombers (has not rained one time on the Japanese turn in China) and thus Stillwell, who had moved via road one space away from Kunming, was showing the proper supply of 8. Still wondering what the deal is. Why does a HQ that can trace a supply route to a resource >50% (or even be sitting on the resource) not have supply 10? ps This is still version 1.0 Thanks -Bill
  5. I dont understand what you are trying to say. Even if the mountain effected the supply range of the city Stillwell would still be 'in range of a supply source >5'. When a non HQ unit sits in Kunming it shows a supply value = to the efficiency of the city so that would lead me to believe the terain does not effect the units in the city.
  6. Stillwell sits in Kunming at 60% efficiency. Why is Stillwell only at supply 8 instead of 10? Next Question: The Highlighted City Sian is at 80% efficiency. There is a Comuntist China General and a Chinese General both within range with valid road links to Sian but they both show supply ratings of 8 not 10, why? From the manual: HQ SUPPLY CALCULATIONS HQ supply = 5 if out of normal supply HQ supply = 8 if within range of resource with supply value 1 to 5 HQ supply = 10 if within range of resource with supply value ≥ 6 It drive me nuts when I cant figure out the reasons for limited HQ Supply
  7. Just thinking out loud here: What if all chits were consumed in a reasearch catagory upon a hit, I think that would help close the tec gap a bit. US would still gain tec faster than JP but it would cost a lot more and be slower to get very tec heavy. The first time I played SC (W&W) this is actually how I thought it worked and being cheap as I am I was only putting one chit in the tecs I wanted. I finally put a 2nd in something and was very surprised when I still had one left after a hit.
  8. I got that same message on my first allied turn for the only pbem I have played/playing. Rambo is the axis player. Everything seems fine though.
  9. I am curious if anyone would like a pbem game of op Z with nukes turned off and soft builds on. The alternate history can be USA either not investing in nuke research or deciding it is inhumane to cause so much civilian casualtys. I am willing to play either side. I would rate myself between begginer and intermiediate in SC. *Warning* some pbem turns could be a bit slow when I work 12+hr days as sometimes I am to tired to think hard after work. MrQuiet67 at yahoo dot com
  10. K Man I also noticed that when I was playing as Soviets. What seems to be happening is that Russian HQs draw from the nearest friendly city regardless if they are in range of a better supply point. So if you are liberating your cities they start with zero supply and increase each turn. If you have HQ closer to Odessa at30% then Kharkov at 100% he will supply from Odessa (which gives him supply 8) even though he would be better off supplying from Kharkov at 100%. Noticeing playing the Axis that German HQs will supply from further than the closest city (maybe because the closest is ocupied?) But a nice player aid would be a way to see where a unit is drawing its supply from via some color highlight on the supply point.
  11. Thanks for your answer Bill. I do not recall reading anything like that in the manual though. So cutting off the Rusian capital was a total waste of time and manpower? Meanwhile the Russians are gobbling up every middle east neutral driving Soviet moral to very high levels (plus there economey I would guess) and USA does not seem to care one bit.
  12. The Manual says this: So I go and surround Moscow cutting all rail connections to any other resource last turn. I fire up the game for this turn and note that all of Moscows rail connections are still cut off from any other resource. But when I check the cities of Gorky, Veroinezh, and Rostov they are all operationg at 100%. By my calculation cut off from Capital means 50% max. Why is it not working like that? WAW ver 1.02
  13. New to the game but I have started playing a lot of pbem. Just want to say that the above idea sounds very interesting. Idea I would like to add is that naval units that have not moved yet this turn have there naval spotting range increased by 1 untill they move then it goes back to default.
  14. Just thought I would pipe in with a perspective from a 'new player'. I had tried SC2 when it first came out and it did not 'grab' me at all. I have bought WAW mostly because the new strategic modeling of road/rail and weather. I am only on my first pbem (vs another non-vet) and this time I must say the game has 'grabbed' me. My only two issues so far is how expensive everything is, and the naval model just doesnt feel right to me. But I am learning to adapt and I doubt I will ever go back to SC2 vanilla.
  15. You got one more 'dude' Just joined Panzerliga yesterday, looking forward to some good WAW pbem. I see the SC2 season is about to reset so I guess I picked a good time to join.
  16. Ok, I guess that makes sense. Thanks for the answer. I was starting to sense that ground units had no effect against airfields if they are located in a city tile. My units have indeed been abused, wondering around the dessert (my first game) finding out the hard way that villiage south of Hawbagzi had no supply effect on the HQ. Good thing we stumbled into the other city to the West and they gave us the keys. Oh yea killed a few Italian troops in our stumbles.
  17. HQ is present at strenth 8 supply 8 and only a couple spaces from the troops. We already took that other city South west of Hawbagzi and HQ is suppled from it. Last unit that tried to attack the city was a strenth 6 corps, 6 supply. morale is pretty low though would that be a problem? I just dont understand a city being held by a air unit.
  18. I have a noob question. I am playing my first pbem in WAW. My opponent is holding the city of Hawbagzi or something like that in Africa with a Italian fighter squadran. I have tried to take it with armor and troops and they do practicaly nothing with no damage caused and I still cant get into the city. How do you take a city from air squadrans? Do you have to bring your own airpower first? Doesnt seem logical. -Thanks
  19. Just like to mention another suggestion could be to start Brits and US with a couple chits in ASW.
  20. Thanks Madmatt! Chageing DEP to 'Windows programs and services only' was the cure. Excellent job tracking that down as I would have never figured that one out on my own. Game looks and sounds much better on my newer rig. Thanks again -U8led
  21. Well I think that rules out it being a grafics card issue.
  22. Yes, but I plan to give my old pc to my girlfriends kids. Might just have to hang on to it for awhile.. @Wesreidau: I never tried the demo so I can not comment on that. But I am curious what video card(s) you are useing? -U8led
  23. Ok I made a little room on the hard drive of my 5 year old Dell PC and shared the same download to it and installed. It ran with no error. So there must be a conflict with the newer hardware as everything on my Dell is much older technology then my new Alienware.
  24. Uninstalled the game. Re-downloaded the game (much easier today) Installed the new download. Same exact problem. Updated driver for Creative SB X-FI Same exact error. My duel nvida 7900GT video cards have latest driver 84.21 Not sure what to try next. -U8led
  25. Reinstalled Direct X and even updated it with the link in Gen Markys thread, which was released on April 6, 2006. But I still get the same error. The error always pops up twice if that is any help. -U8led
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