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  1. I tried hosting the Manual on the personal storage space Comcast gives me and I set it to 'public' but I guess I am the only one who can access it. Fiddled around a little more but I am giving up on it. The good news is the manual is obviously included in the MOD Folder, but I wanted to make it available without having to download 50megs. Thank you for your interest Hubert and yes I put a ton of hours into it but really have to admit I enjoyed all of them. And I learned a lot between Scouring a Political map of the Globe on-line to searching for modern Military Photos at Defence-talk.com. When I first thought the concept up I was at work and had never even opened a SC editor before. Got home from work and I was blown away with how powerful and how easy to use the editer is. So thank you for building it. I am well aware that this mod will only appeal to a small minority, expecialy on this forum where most are hardcore history buffs that like to replay history (that which has already happened). This MOD offers nothing in that department. Its more like when you were a child, and you and your brother/buddy would head off to the sandbox with a big bag of plastic army men. But now the sandbox is one's and zero's and Mom wont be ending the WAR because you have to wash up for dinner. So in closing I hope it gets played but if it doesnt I dont regret the time I spent building it.
  2. V1.1 is up at Repository You can get the Quick Start Manual at this link If there is interest in the MOD then I will write a much more detailed Manual. I will also add more scripts like Rebel Freedom Fighters, Blockades, Decision Events etc... Enjoy
  3. That is certainly a resonable request SeeMonkey, and I had toyed with giving a Soft Defense of 1 originally, but I wanted to see how they played out in a real game first.
  4. This MOD has been taken down to revise the Gold Collection process. The next version (1.1) should be up very soon. Thanks for looking
  5. This one I can help you with as I saw the same thing. Do not set delay to '0' Set it to '1' Set #FAILED_DELAY= 2 I coppied the stock loop scripts into my mod and could see enemy units when they exit the loop on a few of the loops but not others. When I compared the scripts that was the difference. Someone official should check the stock loop scripts for this issue. Oklahoma City --> Denver was one of them for all countries. { #NAME= (UK) Oklahoma To Denver #POPUP= Unit(s) Continue To Denver #IMAGE= #SOUND= #FLAG= 1 #TYPE= 2 #AI= 0 #LEVEL= 0 #GV= 1[1,100] #LINK= 0[0] #COUNTRY_ID= 1 #TRIGGER= 100 #FRIENDLY_POSITION= #DELAY= 0 #FAILED_DELAY= 1 #START_POSITION= 1,22 #START_POSITION= 1,21 #START_POSITION= 2,22 #FINISH_POSITION= 254,22 } That is from the 39 scenario. Should be: #Delay= 1 #Failed Delay= 2
  6. Thanks Sea Monkey I appreciate the nice words. Yes, its probably closer to a civ game than a real WWIII simulation, but the AARs should be fun 2 read I stayed up way to late but I managed to finish the scripting and tested the crap out of them. Had to add more loop scripts to get minors to be able to send there gold to non-parent majors and have it dissapear into the vault properly. Tomorrow I will change the pdf and instruction pop-ups that no longer apply, then upload her again.
  7. I have taken the MOD down. I am changing the rules so that gold will be transported to a non-playable area on the map via decision/loop scripts once it reaches the National Treasury. I have already tested it for US and UK and it works flawlessly. I should have it back up tomorrow night. Thanks John da Fool for triggering the idea.
  8. *Edit* You have given me an idea I should think about and I could eliminate the National Treasury Unit I could create a non playable area somewhere in the arctic. As each major gets gold to there Treasury (some named city) a script could fire to remove the gold and recreate it in the unplayable area. Then at the end of the game it would be real easy to count them all up. edit -Looking over the scripts it looks like the best way to accomplish this is with a Loop Script but that poses problems in the UK due to its size.
  9. It is a design decision to cause the risk involved with shipping gold through dangerous or not so dangerous Oceans. The new 500ton Gold unit replaces engineers so it was definately my choice to not allow majors to build them directly. (by the way this gives the unintended feature of Gold 'financing' fortifications if you wish to risk them that way) The main idea is to make the player decide where to spend his mpps either diplo, military, or treasury. All will be important for there own reasons. You probably could get a decision script to get the result you are asking about but then how would we decide the winner without knowing how many times it happened?
  10. The first version has been uploaded to the repository. Player vs Player only. There is a pdf quickstart guide explaing most of the changes. http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=726 I am pretty happy with the way it plays but so far have only played against myself mostly hot seat. I did try out the e-mail version just to see how the replay videos look and sound, WOW if you turn up the volume it just sounds so cool on the playback because most of the custom sounds are longer than the 2 secs the originals are so they overlap each other making it sound like a WAR is going on. If anyone wants to playtest it with me you can reach me at MrQuiet67 at yahoo dot com
  11. Thanks for your reply macg, you certainly got me to put more thought into the victory conditions but what you propose is way more complex than this mod aims to simulate. Well, I have again done some Victory Condition Tweaking. Opening turn Intro That last picture is a little misleading because majors can not build gold, only minors can @1000mpp, then the major will need to ship it safely home. What I like about this is how players will be forced to make lots of decisions about controlling and defending objectives, diplomacy, DOW, military spending, and Growing the Treasury. All this without forcing any DOW, and without forcing Majors to invade each other. Intel Tec at 2% per level will become more usefull also by indicating how much Gold your opponent is hoarding.
  12. Very interesting observation Wushuki. I decided to test it out in my WWIII Mod. That is not quite exactly true but I understand what you are trying to say. In the next screen Shot the adv air5 carrier is attacking a adv air5 jet. Carrier is using its air attack of 6 but the Jet is using it carrier defense of 1. :confused: Either fighters need to use there air defense rating or the carrier attack and defense needs to increase with the advanced air tec. In this next screen shot the level 5 jet is attacking the level 5 carrier (set to CAP/auto). This time the Jet is useing its Air attack rating of 6 minus 5tec for a 1 The Carrier is using its Air Defense rating of 6 minus 5tec for a 1 but... The Jet Fighters will still take more damage because when they are intercepted by the Carrier they will only use there Carrier defense rating of 1 while the intercepters will be using a 6 Like you said this does make Carriers much stronger than they should be in the air2air combat. I would like to mention a Big Ass thanks to Hubert for adding the visible stats at the top of the screen as this has really helped me understand the combat resolutions in many situations. Lets hope it is easy for Hubert to adjust.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. I probably should have mentioned the sounds were edited and saved in the stock 'sound recorder' program in windows xp
  14. Thanks Hubert. I am happy to report this issue has been resolved, I just needed to add in a weather layer which I have done. I have cut all rain/fog snow and storm percentage chances in half from stock scenarios so air should not be grounded to often. There are many convoys in this mod. For this screen shot Axis declared war a few times to get the oil producing nations to start there allied convoys. Oil porducing minors start shipping to there parrent at 35% mobilization. Declaring war moves all minors 0-30% against you. Diplo hits move minors 20-40% in your favor. Diplo has a 10% chance per chit to hit. All Seems to be coming along quite nicely and I am getting excited to start play testing soon.
  15. I replaced the 'battle1-10 sounds. I am now getting this error. Here is the properties of the original on left and mod on right. They look identical. They both run about 2secs Original is 300kb mod is 473
  16. I am pretty sure AA, AT, and artillery can only have one model per country. Armor and all the air catagorys can have 6 models each.
  17. Thanks for the answer (which I do understand the reason) and it really is not that important to get a sound for these scripts but since I thought it was available I added it. Instead of spending your precious time to make the sound work I would suggest editing the 'help/insturction part of the template to eliminate sound & image. Again thanks for your constant vigilance and customer support. -Bill
  18. Hi there: It all depends how the country is set in the editor under 'scortched earth'. The following screen shot from the 39 scenario shows Germany set to 'on invasion' Hope that helps
  19. Yes I can confirm the media file in the WWIII directory. The right files are there. Convoy.wav is also in there and I have gotten that sound to play in my convoy scripts but when I tried convoy.wav in my mobilization1 script as a test it does not play the sound even though the script works and its pop up works. Ok, I just tried testing 'image' in both Mobalization1 and convoy scripts. Again it works fine in convoy but does not work in mobalzation1. So then I had the brite idea to look at mobalization1 in all the stock scenarios and there is not one case where 'sound' or 'image' is used so I am thinking this has never come up before for that reason.
  20. The script works but can someone tell me why the wav files do not play for this mobilization script? I have made a media folder and placed the wav files in it. Sound customazation is set to 1 { #NAME= General Declarations Of War By Axis 8 #POPUP= Minor Countries Protest Axis Aggression #IMAGE= #SOUND= war2.wav, coup.wav #FLAG= 1 #TYPE= 2 #AI= 0 #LEVEL= 0 #GV= 1[1,100] #LINK= 0[0] #COUNTRY_ID= 8 #TRIGGER= 100 0-30% mobilization increase towards Allies #MOBILIZATION= [0,30] [2] General declaration of war by Axis #CONDITION= 0 [1] [1] }
  21. I sent them to you, just unzip the file and put it into the bitmap folder of whichever scenario you want to use them in.
  22. You are welcome to the counters but they all modern and certainly will not fit in with any of your WWII Scenarios. Here is a peak at all of the US Sprites The insurgent/partisans one looks a bit out of place, I used the same one for all countries, might change it. Once I get the convoy raiding fixed I should be very close to ready for playtesting if anyone is interested.
  23. Ok this one has me baffled. In my WWIII Mod the Convoy scripts work perfect until they are raided. I have reset all the raiding modifiers back to default but that does not help. A sub can sit on convoy in silent mode no problem but if I change it to hunt then the game will crash on the opponents turn when calculating mpps. The same thing will happen for any surface raider or Heavy Bomber raiding. Error Log: [05/14/2010 6:07:50; 5.1.2600; 1280x1024x32(1); v1.01] FAILED(handle_convoy_scripts): Segmentation violation [05/14/2010 6:43:57; 5.1.2600; 1280x1024x32(1); v1.01] FAILED(handle_convoy_scripts): Segmentation violation [05/15/2010 9:45:57; 5.1.2600; 1280x1024x32(1); v1.01] FAILED(handle_convoy_scripts): Segmentation violation [05/15/2010 9:50:35; 5.1.2600; 1280x1024x32(1); v1.01] FAILED(handle_convoy_scripts): Segmentation violation [05/15/2010 9:54:11; 5.1.2600; 1280x1024x32(1); v1.01] FAILED(handle_convoy_scripts): Segmentation violation [05/15/2010 9:59:58; 5.1.2600; 1280x1024x32(1); v1.01] FAILED(handle_convoy_scripts): Segmentation violation [05/15/2010 10:05:57; 5.1.2600; 1280x1024x32(1); v1.01] FAILED(handle_convoy_scripts): Segmentation violation [05/15/2010 10:12:55; 5.1.2600; 1280x1024x32(1); v1.01] FAILED(handle_convoy_scripts): Segmentation violation Its probably something simple I can change in the editor but I have run out ideas
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