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  1. I have attached the game tracker file from the PBEM directory. Hopefully this helps. Alpha34-Aug15-P03.zip
  2. I started a game about 6 months go and played daily, and recently replaced my computer. I reloaded EOS and want to know how I can get back into the PBEM game. The 2 guys I am playing with would like to continue the game. BTW ...I did not keep the original message key. Any help would be great. Thanks
  3. I have had the same thing happen to me on several occasions. I am running Windows XP and CMBB version 1.02. My opponents are running the same version. My ISP is through cable modem. I am playing 4 games and have never seen the problem with all 4 game files that may have arrived during the same connection setting. Very strange and frustrating. I never experienced this problem with previous versions of CMBB. The people I play with have also experienced this issue. THanks 2.4 Ghz P4 Nvidia GeForce Mx440 1 Gig RAM MS WINDOWS XP version 2002 SP 1 Any help would be great. If you would like addtional information on my system I will be glad to provide it.
  4. Thanks for your quick and courtesy response. Prior to posting this message, I did a quick search, but obviously didn't use the correct key words to locate what I was looking for. Could you give me a hint on a key word that might point me to one of the more recent of those other 100 posts. ------------------
  5. Has any date been set for release of this update ? If so does it look like a realistic timeframe ? the game is great PBEM, but the more features the merrier. ------------------
  6. Is there a utility available that will allow you to take and combine the turn videos into one file? So you can watch the video from beginnning through turn x. When turn x+1 is complete add that to the video file. ------------------
  7. But then the opponent misses the action. I guess i don't see how that would help
  8. I read the interesting thread on the PBEM sequence and I was wondering what the possibility of having a switch added for people who would like to speed up the sequence and really trust or don't care that the opponent is cheating? Just a thought.
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