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  1. Thanks, RedWolf! You must be talking about the CH-53 Super Stallions. Boy, I can't wait for my copy to arrive!
  2. Thanks for the reply, Major!
  3. Hello all! I just purchased TacOps 4 today and am definately looking forward to receiving it. I have a question that I hope someone can answer. I noticed that amphibious operations can be done. What kind of amphibious craft are available in TacOps? LCACs? Amphibious support ships? Thanks in advance, and looking forward to multiplaying!
  4. Is anyone running CM with a Voodoo 5500? If so, I'd like to hear what video settings you are you using and the ingame video settings as well. I've been trying to, but when I pick which video mode to use, I can see the Accept button, but the button below it is corrupted. Plus when I do pick a video option, at the main menu of CM..where my cursor is, it leaves blocks behind. Any ideas? Thank you. BTW, I am running DX8 and the latest V5 drivers.
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