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    TheBlackHand got a reaction from zaybz in Let's talk about the Road to Nijmegen   
    I've been playing this one and I just completed the "For Those About to Die" battle. Minor defeat . . . and that was after the second time trying it. Seems like an impossible task. Oh, maybe I could get it right the third time, but where's the fun in that? The first time I tried it I got cut to ribbons in short order.

    Seems designed to fail. Attacking a numerically superior foe with no support and having to move alllllllllll the way across the map with little time to do so.

    Very frustrating.

    Same went for that breakout scenario the Irish tanks (Neerpelt Something?). I had to restart that one three or four times until I finally got it right.

    I don't expect to win every time easily . . . but it's kind of a drag to be set with something that just seems as though it requires the skill of Patton and a lot of luck. I'm hardly a newbie either.

    Makes me very hesitant to even bother with the campaigns that come with the game.

    Seems like every version has had a couple of battles that are practically impossible.

    Been much happier with the user created stuff.
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    TheBlackHand got a reaction from Tactical Wargamer in Ok just a little venting....   
    Agreed. I've just given up on trying to reinstall the game(s). I've lost a few of my key codes and the ones I do have don't seem to work.

    It's a major bummer because I've been playing this game since the very first incarnation and I've purchased every single WW2 game and module they've put out.

    I would be willing to spend even more money for an all-in-one install. As it is, I really have no idea where to begin with a reinstall and I honestly don't have the patience.

    It is such a great game . . . but I really have to weigh the fun of playing with the frustration of TRYING to play.
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    TheBlackHand got a reaction from Bulletpoint in Best way to install all games on new computer?   
    I've been playing the game since about the year 2000.

    I've purchased every iteration and expansion module.

    Yes, it is rather difficult to maintain the discs and keys and everything else that it takes to play this game in 2018.

    Of course, it's easy for someone like you.  So is being an asshole.
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